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Marc Sterne is the long-time sidekick “Nigel” on the Tony Kornheiser Radio Show. He’s been in radio for over 15 years — primarily in Washington, D.C. — working in music, sports, and news talk. He’s also a standup comedian — and is the reigning champion of D.C.’s Funniest Sports Celebrity.

Meet The American Hero Who Led A Bayonet Charge In WWII

US | Marc Sterne
The Germans were not expecting this attack

This Legendary Marine Was Such A Hero He Nearly Won THREE Medals Of Honor

US | Marc Sterne
'The outstanding Marine of all time'

John Waldron: Forgotten Hero And American Badass

Opinion | Marc Sterne

Colin Kaepernick Needs To Take A Real Stand

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Kaepernick has the right to sit through the pledge of allegiance, but he should stand up for his beliefs with real action.

The End Of Joe Pa

Opinion | Marc Sterne
It’s a hard thing to see one's idol fall from grace, but that's exactly what has happened

Roger Goodell Goes To The Mattress

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Goodell has been spoiling for a fight with the Patriots and this was his ticket.

Sorry Doesn't Cut It, A-Rod, Even If It's In Cursive

Opinion | Marc Sterne
His apology is as embarrassing as his steroid use.

Final Thoughts From Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady's Patriots Cement Their Legacy

Opinion | Marc Sterne
'I am honored to have been in that stadium'

Showdown In Arizona: The Pre-Super Bowl State Of Play

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Fire up the duck boats for yet another championship in Boston!

Super Bowl Week From The Cheap Seats

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Enough about 'deflated balls'

Another Round With Michael Phelps

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Some schadenfreude from the man who he threw out of a limo

Humble Thanks To Those Who Have Served

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Why I'm ignoring the Veterans Day sales

Ten Years On: A Message For Kansas City, From A Red Sox Fan

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Good luck and godspeed, and don't mix red wine and bourbon.

Replacing Columbus: Why He Really Doesn't Deserve A Holiday

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Here are three Italians that deserve it more

'Sorry Man, No Room': The Time Michael Phelps Threw Me Out Of A Limo

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Why I smiled when I heard he got arrested this week

Some Free Advice For Roger Goodell

Opinion | Marc Sterne
Time for the commish to show some spine and make some heads roll.

Why Keith Olbermann Is Wrong About Derek Jeter

Sports | Marc Sterne
Stat-crazy haters can say what they want; he's been a credit to the game.

Swing and a miss by the NCAA

Opinion | Marc Sterne
The NCAA should have given Penn State the death penalty.

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