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      Mytheos Holt

      Mytheos Holt is a Young Voices Advocate and a communications operative and blogger for the R St Institute and NakedDC and living in Arlington, Virginia. He has been employed by TheBlaze and National Review, and has also been published at RealClearTechnology, Big Government, Hot Air Headlines, Townhall, The American Conservative, Politix, The Next Right and the Daily Caller. He has interviewed with multiple radio and TV outlets in multiple countries, including Sun News in Canada, Morning Ireland in Ireland, as well as multiple radio stations throughout the US. He graduated with high honors from Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT in 2010 with a double degree in Government and History, and hails originally from Big Sur, CA.

Cory Booker’s Disingenuous But Revealing Pharma Switch

3:09 PM 07/17/2017

The jaws of public opinion are closing shut on the increasingly isolated and embattled pharmaceutical industry. Apparently, keeping prices sky high while trying to defend monopoly-level powers might just be politically unfeasible as a strategy. Who knew?

No, Virginia, Patent Reform Is Not Dead

2:03 PM 06/21/2017

Ever since the issue of freeloading legal parasites exploiting the patent system to bleed innovators dry hit the national stage, one of the fondest hopes of the patent troll/extortion lobby has been that Congress would lack the political will to tackle it. 

Google Has Stopped Being Cool

11:59 PM 04/26/2017

Once upon a time, there was a search engine with a funny name and big dreams. After it became renowned for its accuracy and unpredictable algorithms, its creators decided to turn it into a company, with the charmingly off-beat slogan “don’t be evil.” And for a certain generation of internet users, of whom this author is a member, that search engine – Google -- lived up to that slogan for many years. When Hollywood tried to save their business model by strangling internet freedom with the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), who stopped them? Google. When freelance critics and video journalists needed a platform for their speech, who kept YouTube’s lights on? Google. In short, anytime the unregulated, anarchic nature of the internet was threatened, who was there, ready to hold back the tyrants? Google.

Big Pharma Vs. The Rule of Law

1:34 PM 11/15/2016

With the fall of Hillary Clinton and the “rules for thee, but not for me” theory of politics embodied by her machine, I would like to endorse another radical idea: Everyone, including moneyed interests, should follow the law.

Big Pharma’s Corporate Welfare Oxy-Con

12:14 PM 09/28/2016

Have you heard any sort of alarming medical statistic lately? You know, a tear-jerking fact about the number of people who suffer from disease X, or are pained by condition Y, and need desperately to have their suffering alleviated?

CAGW’s Cancerous Pharma Whitewash

8:06 PM 07/11/2016

Normally, conservatives don’t give cover to the very people who have gone out of their way to rig the U.S. healthcare system in their favor at the expense of consumers, taxpayers, and everyone in-between. Especially when that same industry makes up Hillary Clinton’s most enthusiastic donors. And especially when they are trying to kill a program supported by a Republican President.

Hillary And Obama’s Cronies Are Killing The Poor

6:27 PM 06/15/2016

Back during the Obamacare debate, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) infamously characterized the Republican health care plan as “die quickly.” Now, nearly eight years later, Hillary Clinton is willingly accepting the support of people who want to offer America’s poor that very option, continuing the legacy of another well-heeled puppet, Barack Obama.

Pharma Is Selling Healthcare Freedom Down The River

11:29 AM 05/06/2016

Big Pharma is deservedly unpopular today. The appearance of Martin Shkreli and Turing Pharmaceuticals as a seeming reductio ad absurdum of the industry’s vices has been a millstone around its neck. The Republican presumptive nominee for the presidency, Donald Trump, has openly savaged the industry repeatedly and promised to negotiate aggressively with them as part of his generalized indictment of American government. The Obama administration, having been utterly defanged by the industry for most of its reign, has recently started teething again over the issue of high drug prices.

Is Obamacare Officially A Money Laundering Scheme?

2:27 PM 09/25/2015

Could the failed Obamacare exchanges have been merely an excuse to direct payola to safely Democratic states? Based on a new report from the Government Accountability Office, and the actions of acting head of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) Andrew Slavitt, the answer may well be yes.

You Built an Exchange, Now Die In It

12:25 PM 07/29/2015

Now that SCOTUScare has officially absolved any state of the responsibility of setting up their own Obamacare exchange, with all responsibility being picked up by the Feds, you have to wonder why any state would bother setting up an exchange.

The Fight Against Patent Trolls Is About Principle

12:06 PM 07/24/2015

Until recently, patent reform was probably the most bipartisan issue of our current hyper-partisan era. However, judging by the fight over Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s (R-VA) Innovation Act, which was recently delayed due to concerns over the bill, that consensus might be breaking down. That it is breaking down is a sign of the success of an otherwise very dubious public relations campaign seeking to cast the idea of patent reform as a giveaway to corporate interests and the Chinese.

Has The Club For Growth Gone Protectionist?

7:38 PM 07/15/2015

With patent reform within a hair’s breadth of finally becoming reality and ending patent trolls’ reign of terror, certain conservative organizations have, bizarrely, decided to make the perfect the enemy of the good by opposing it. Specifically, they take issue with the Innovation Act, sponsored by Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), in terms that, to say the least, are uncharitable. An alarmist ad campaign backed by the American Conservative Union, the Eagle Forum, and the Club for Growth has already gone out, claiming that “China loves it” because:

Phyllis Schlafly’s Choice Not To Echo Herself

4:33 PM 07/14/2015

Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly has been at the center of multiple fights that would make a lesser activist or lawyer’s head spin. Yet tragically, it seems her final legal battle may be one against her own family, and against legal principles espoused by her own followers.

The Worst Politician You’ve Never Heard Of

11:54 AM 07/08/2015

Here’s a question: What if I told you there was a governor whose malfeasance managed to combine the worst of Bridgegate and the scandals that embroiled the McDonnell family? What if I also told you that his malfeasance directly led to the failure of his state’s health insurance system, casting millions of people into regulatory uncertainty? What if I told you that this politician employed a woman to manage that health insurance system who is literally known as “the Princess of Darkness?” And what if I told you that, all these lurid facts notwithstanding, that politician’s ridiculous excesses have largely gone unreported by the mainstream media outside his state? Why would you think that is?

Don’t Feed The Patent Trolls

3:06 PM 06/29/2015

It is looking increasingly likely that Congress will take action to deal with the threat of patent trolls sometime in the next month. Reliable sources indicate that sometime before Congress’ August recess, Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Innovation Act will hit the House floor, and early forecasts suggest that it will perform very well.