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Obama Changes Ebola Travel Rules

Volunteers for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), or Doctors Without Borders, receive training on how to handle personal protective equipment during courses in Brussels October 15, 2014, which is aimed to help deal with the Ebola disease in West Africa. REUTERS/Francois Lenoir

The White House has slightly tightened restrictions on travelers from Ebola-stricken countries by requiring all travelers from West African to use one of five airports bolstered with trained screeners.

White House Covers Up Obama’s Unpaid Bills

1:11 PM 10/21/2014

The White House is doubling down on its lame effort to hide the president’s mildly embarrassing confession that he left unpaid bills in his Chicago home when he took up residence in the White House.

Even Harvard Sets Tougher Ebola Rules Than US

1:31 PM 10/20/2014

Harvard University is copying Senegal and many other African countries by instituting tough new exclusions to segregate its members from people who have recently been in Ebola-afflicted countries.

Obama on Ebola: Trust Us, We’ve Got This Under Control

7:53 PM 10/15/2014

The federal government has the Ebola outbreak under control, President Barack Obama told camera crews several hours after news broke that another American nurse has been infected with the deadly disease, possibly after a safety error at a Dallas hospital.

Crisis: Ebola Blocks Obama’s Fundraiser

12:46 PM 10/15/2014

President Barack Obama will hold a Wednesday afternoon meeting with cabinet secretaries responsible for the containing the Ebola outbreak, and will delay a scheduled flight to a New Jersey fundraiser and campaign event.