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Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

Walker Flubs Amnesty Zig-Zag

10:34 PM 03/26/2015

Potential 2016 candidate Scott Walker's staff is denying that he endorsed amnesty for illegal immigrants during a closed-door dinner with Republican donors in New Hampshire.

Google Chief: We Want The Feds To Import Consumers

5:39 PM 03/19/2015

Women aren't having enough babies to offset the normal expiration of old people, so the federal government should import huge numbers of new consumers for American companies, Google chairman Eric Schmidt stated at a Wednesday event in Washington D.C.

Netanyahu Beats Obama In Close Election

8:33 AM 03/18/2015

The nationalist coalition led by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has snagged at least 54 seats in the country's March 17 elections, while the leftist coalition backed by President Barack Obama's allies has won less than 44 seats, according to Israeli media reports.