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Neil Munro
White House Correspondent

Obama Makes Deal With Cuba’s Fascists

11:13 AM 12/17/2014

President Barack Obama is ending diplomatic, travel and trade sanctions against Cuba's fascist government after 50 years, likely giving a huge financial boon to the island's ruling class.

GOP Leaders Stomp GOP Voters on Amnesty

9:08 PM 12/16/2014

Polls show the GOP’s base is overwhelmingly opposed to President Barack Obama’s amnesty, yet the GOP’s business-backed leadership ruthlessly stomped on GOP legislators who opposed funding the amnesty in the 2015 government budget.

GOP Senators Pushing For Anti-Amnesty Vote

4:54 PM 12/13/2014

Democratic and GOP leaders in the Senate are delaying a vote on the huge 2015 government budget until Monday because they’re trying to block a floor vote on President Barack Obama's unpopular amnesty of 12 million illegals.

Boehner Wins Funding For Obama’s Amnesty

10:00 PM 12/11/2014

House Speaker John Boehner allied with top Democrats late Thursday to win a year’s funding for President Barack Obama’s unilateral amnesty, despite determined resistance from many Republicans and a wave of phone calls from a large slice of the GOP base.