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Dr. Nicholas L. Waddy, Associate Professor of History at SUNY Alfred, blogs at

The Battle Over Illegal Immigration Will Be Won Or Lost With Employers

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
The federal government must fine and jail employers

Sic 'Em On The Oil Industry - Climate Change Activist Uses Scare Tactics To Get His Way

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
Obey McKibben, or potentially everyone dies! At least that's what he thinks.

Rural America Is Winning With Trump

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
Americans in rural areas are proud and they are capable

The Billionaire Behind Calls For Trump's Impeachment Has A Hidden Agenda

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
Tom Steyer's radical environmental agenda represents a serious threat to the U.S. economy

After ISIS, What Comes Next?

op-ed | Nicholas Waddy
American policy must become more clear-headed and pragmatic.

Samsung And LG Are As Bad As The NFL

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
The two companies threaten rule of law and U.S. manufacturing.

Identity Politics Only Has To Look In The Mirror To Find Its 'White Nationalist' Problem

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
It's time to tell the identitarians to take a hike.

Republicans: Stand with Trump on the Wall

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
President Trump threatens to shut down government

Unfounded Charges Of Racism Are Hate Speech Too

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
A charge of bigotry is not a weapon to be wielded casually.

In Defense Of Robert E. Lee

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
The media tries to perpetuate the lie that only racists value Southern heritage, but the truth is otherwise.

How to Right The Ship (The S.S. Trump)

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
End the leaks, stop the 'juvenile' Twitter attacks, and focus on a singular narrative in the media

Time's Up For North Korea

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
DPRK is on a collision course with the international community.

Trump's Travel Ban Must Be Upheld

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
The separation of powers lies at the heart of the U.S. Constitution, and so it should remain.

End Congressional And Media Obsession With The Trump-Russia Hoax

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
It's becoming clearer and clearer that this sideshow is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

Republicans: Circle The Wagons And Defeat Jon Ossoff In Georgia's Special Election

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
The "resistance" is coordinated by DC liberals, wealthy Democratic donors, and self-righteous Hollywood actors

On NATO, Trump Gets It Right

Opinion | Nicholas Waddy
We should applaud President Trump for pushing NATO members to rethink their roles and obligations.

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