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FLASHBACK: FBI Found No Clear Link Between Donald Trump And Russia

9:53 PM 01/10/2017

CNN reported Tuesday evening that President Barack Obama and President-elect Donald Trump have been made aware of allegations that Russian operatives reportedly claim to have compromising personal and financial information on Trump, and that Trump surrogates -- according to unconfirmed allegations -- exchanged information with intermediaries for the Russian government.

DNI Report On Election Interference Mentions ‘Fake News’ Zero Times

7:41 PM 01/06/2017

US intelligence officials mentioned "fake news" a grand total of zero times in the DNI report on Russian election interference made public Friday. That omission runs contrary to the narrative some liberal journalists have pushed in which Russian "fake news" outlets sought to influence the presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump.

DNI: ‘High Confidence’ DCLeaks Used As Front By Russian Hackers

5:12 PM 01/06/2017

The US intelligence community has "high confidence" that the DCLeaks hacktivist website, which published emails from former four-star general and secretary of state Colin Powell last September, operated as a front of sorts for Russian intelligence efforts, according to a report published Friday by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.