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Peter Hasson
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Media Straight-Up Ignore A Scandal

2:29 PM 07/19/2017

It's been 72 hours since one of the left's most prominent political organizations declared its support for a convicted murderer and domestic terrorist on the FBI's Most Wanted list, and not one establishment media outlet has covered it.

Kasich, Super PAC Capitalize Off GOP Chaos

9:24 PM 07/18/2017

The largest super PAC to back Ohio Gov. John Kasich's 2016 presidential campaign has been quietly emailing his supporters over the last couple of months to promote the governor's positions on national issues and soliciting donations.

Pence Distances Himself From Fallout Over Don Jr. Meeting

1:45 PM 07/11/2017

Vice President Mike Pence is putting some distance between himself and President Trump's oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., following the revelation that Don Jr. accepted a meeting with a Russian lawyer in order to obtain supposed damaging information about Hillary Clinton from the Russian government.