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Pamela Geller
Publisher, Atlas Shrugs
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      Pamela Geller

      Pamela Geller is the founder, editor, and publisher of the widely popular and award-winning website, which has broken numerous important political stories. She is the President of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and the author of the The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America.

Documents reveal British banned Geller and Spencer because of their ‘pro-Israeli views’

The British government tried to cover its tracks. But a new cache of documents Robert Spencer and I have received in our battle to overturn our being banned from Britain reveal that a chief reason why we were banned from the country was because we strongly support Israel. As part of our lawsuit against the Queen of England and the Home Secretary et al, we have received numerous documents between the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Office of Security and Counterterrorism, and the Home Secretary. In one of them, an official in the Foreign & Commonwealth Office whose name was redacted wrote this letter on May 7 to a recipient whose name was also redacted:

Stop Al Jazeera’s expansion in the United States

3:34 PM 03/26/2011

Al Jazeera is planning to expand into the United States, and the chattering classes are treating it as a simple free speech matter. Let’s not let the Islamic supremacists once again invoke the freedom of speech to kill our freedom of speech. The ruse of using freedom of speech to allow propaganda broadcasts over our airways is another stealth attack on the United States of America. The issue of the expansion of Al Jazeera into the United States can only be likened to an expansion of Goebbels’s media network into the U.S. at the height of World War II.

Durbin is wrong about Muslim rights

7:24 PM 03/23/2011

In the wake of Rep. Peter King’s largely toothless hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims, Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin is now scheduling Senate hearings on “Muslim rights.” According to the Washington Times, Durbin claims that “there has been a spike in anti-Muslim bigotry in the last year that demands closer attention.”

Obama behind Cameron’s attack on Israel

2:38 PM 07/29/2010

Speaking in Turkey on Tuesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron slammed Israel and called Gaza a “prison camp.” (Apparently Gaza is the first prison camp with luxury shopping malls.) The British Foreign Office has been taking the blame for this betrayal of Israel, but they’re claiming they were as surprised as anyone. Now, a high-placed and knowledgeable source has informed me that it was Obama’s people who put the slamming of Israel into Cameron’s speech.