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Mr. Peter Huessy is President of his own defense consulting firm, GeoStrategic Analysis, founded in 1981, and was the senior defense consultant at the National Defense University Foundation for 22 years. He was the National Security Fellow at the AFPC and is currently Senior Defense Consultant at the Mitchell Institute of the Air Force Association.

8-Step Plan For A New Iran Policy

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The inherited Iran policy must be junked

Donald Trump: The Singapore Fox

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The president made North Korea an offer hard to refuse

North Korea Agreed To Denuclearize. What Next?

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Negotiations may also begin on a peace treaty on ending the Korean War

Trump Critics Cannot Make Up Their Minds On North Korea And Iran

op-ed | Peter Huessy
Is a goal of zero rogue state nukes impossible or possible?

Nuclear Opponents Give Us Two Choices: Suicide Or Surrender

op-ed | Peter Huessy
The problem is that today, the president has no good timely capability to retaliate

NEW WORLD ORDER: Current Events Are Reminiscent Of The Tectonic Shifts Of 1979

op-ed | Peter Huessy
Are new and unexpected leaders now emerging that can defeat the Islamic radicals in Iran?

Here's The Deal With Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's Effort To Modernize Saudi Arabia

op-ed | Peter Huessy
The Kingdom is undertaking YUGE reforms and policy initiatives

SHOCKER: The New York Times Has Made Some Seriously Wrong Assumptions About Patriot Missiles

op-ed | Peter Huessy
The Gray Lady has a strange penchant for belittling American and Israeli missile defenses

Fears Grow Over Russia's Dangerous Nuclear Escalation

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The United States should make an effort to develop intelligence on Russia's capabilities.

Iran Policy Choices

Opinion | Peter Huessy
A nuclear-free Iran may not be consistent with the current regime staying in power.

Nuclear Weapons: Trust But Modernize

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The nuclear deterrent works, and it saves lives and it's a bargain.

The New Disarmament Agenda

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Reducing our nuclear capabilities would magnify the role of nuclear weapons in the strategy of our adversaries

Peace And Restraint Through Arms Racing

| Peter Huessy
The US has delayed or stopped any nuclear modernization effort. Is this a good thing?

The Government Thinks There Are 32 Million Illiterate People In America

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The folks with the highest level of illiteracy in this country must be the economists who think that higher tax rates generate great economic growth.

A Nuclear-Armed South Korea?

Opinion | Peter Huessy
North Korea could be a very real missile threat, but some are advocating a pullout of U.S. pullout from its Southern counterpart.

America's Choice: Embrace Terrorists Or Strike Back?

Opinion | Peter Huessy
It is far from clear that the administration wants to focus its counterterrorism effort where it belongs.

Nuclear Escalation Is Getting More Likely, It's Time To Step Up Missile Defense

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Missile defense can counter threats while leaving diplomatic options open.

More Than Numbers: Nuclear Weapons Reductions And The Strategy Of Diversity

Opinion | Peter Huessy
When looked at in total, the U.S. deterrent force has many multiple strengths but also weaknesses.

The Risk Of Iranian Terror: The Straits Of Hormuz In Danger

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Could Iran now successfully close the Strait of Hormuz? New factors suggest the answer to that question is 'Yes.'

Why It's Not The Time To Pull Back On Nuclear Weapons

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The Cold War was won through strength and deterrence

The Gulf Summit: An Opportunity For Strategic Thinking

Opinion | Peter Huessy
The president’s visit to the Gulf Cooperative Council Summit this month is an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

How The Nuclear Arms Control Lobby Actually Killed Arms Control

Opinion | Peter Huessy
What future U.S. Senate is going to approve a treaty where the USA ends up behind the nuclear 8-ball?

North Korea: Bluff, Threaten, Or Don't Worry?

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Withdrawal is not a sound strategy let alone a moral one. It’s plain crazy.

America's Deadly Embrace

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Tragically, we are now engaged in a “deadly embrace” of the Mullahs in Iran.

Why The U.S. Still Needs Its Nuclear Weapons

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Whatever one believes, the fight over nuclear modernization must be taken seriously.

Why Nick Kristof And His Readers Are Wrong About The Iran Deal

Opinion | Peter Huessy
Talking with enemies is fine. It’s what you talk about which is important.

Trust No One, Risk Everything: The Administration's Iran Strategy

Opinion | Peter Huessy
A deal must be good enough for the Senate to avoid military force

Graham Allison's Yellow Submarine And American Blue Meanies

Opinion | Peter Huessy
There has been no “restraint" or "cooperation” on the part of Pyongyang, including in its nuclear program.

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