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      Phillip Mencken

      Phillip Mencken is the pseudonym of a conservative author.

An ‘occupation’ worth ending

The institutional left in America has wasted pages and pages attempting to tar tea partiers as anti-government quasi-anarchists who have abused the freedoms granted to them under the Constitution to advocate for a radical, possibly violent overhaul of the present system, without so much as a scrap of an idea about what the replacement should be. How ironic, then, that there is a movement on the left which is presently making a nuisance of itself, and which fits all of the descriptors outlined above.

Ron Paul’s liberty will give us death

10:39 AM 08/17/2011

Since the unfortunate results of the Ames straw poll were announced, a constant mewling and bleating has gone up from several sectors of the political system. Faced with a media that represents (accurately) the top tier of the Republican Presidential Nominating Contest as Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, with a few idle and unproductive fantasies about Rick Santorum or Jon Huntsman recovering, the partisans of one particularly impotent politician shriek their discontent:

Christianity is not conservative

9:20 AM 01/20/2011

To read a response to this article, "Christianity is conservative," by the Family Research Council's Rob Schwarzwalder, click here. To read "Christianity is neither conservative nor socialist," click here.