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Peter Roff
Former Senior Political Writer, UPI
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      Peter Roff

      Peter Roff is a former senior political writer for United Press International and commentator on political and public affairs who appears regularly on the One America News Network.

We Need Stronger Oversight Of ICANN

10:38 AM 07/02/2014

Whoever controls the Internet may control the future of global commerce. As more and more commercial platforms are developed, commerce is moving from Main Street into cyberspace at a rate that will make the Internet the global shopping mall of the future.

Did Obama’s DoD Overlook a Critical North Korean Connection?

10:57 AM 05/09/2014

For some companies, winning a contract to do a job or provide a service for the United States military is the equivalent of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. One good strike and you're home free. That makes for a contracting process that is highly regulated, closely supervised, and open both to review and repeal -- because heaven forbid someone should make an error that leaves the U.S. taxpayers on the hook or worse.

If Obama gives away the Internet, can ICANN be trusted?

11:58 AM 04/23/2014

As the NetMundial global meeting on the future of Internet Governance convenes in Brazil today, the fallout stemming from the Obama administration’s announcement it would cede the United States’ remaining control of the Internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers beginning in 2015 continues.

Are federal sugar subsidies financing lawsuits over market share?

5:27 PM 02/27/2014

Everyone knows that sugar is sweet. What they don’t know is that it is also politically powerful. As Chris Edwards, the director of tax policy studies at Washington’s Cato Institute wrote in the fall of 2013, “No industry in America is as coddled as farming, and no industry is as centrally planned from Washington. The federal sugar program is perhaps the most Soviet of all.”

Moral hazards ahead

10:55 AM 07/08/2011

If the United States had a true free market economy, companies that made bad decisions would have to face the consequences of those decisions. But the U.S. has a mixed economy, meaning -- among other things -- that the federal government all too often steps in to protect companies from the consequences of their mistakes.

Panetta’s job: Find savings

2:33 PM 06/27/2011

Having been unanimously confirmed for the job of secretary of defense by the United States Senate, Leon Panetta has a big job on his hands.