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Peter Roff
Former Senior Political Writer, UPI
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      Peter Roff

      Peter Roff is a former senior political writer for United Press International and commentator on political and public affairs who appears regularly on the One America News Network.

In Puerto Rico Bill, Gift-Giving Encouraged

3:20 PM 06/28/2016

It’s going to be close, but it looks like the U.S. Senate will give President Barack Obama the opportunity to ride to Puerto Rico’s financial rescue before the July 4 congressional recess. That’s too bad because what Congress is proposing to do is a bad bill. It sets all kind of precedents no one should want to revisit in the future. The people who say it doesn’t are splitting hairs.

Ali’s Legacy Shouldn’t Apply To MMA

12:07 PM 06/08/2016

Those of us old enough to remember Muhammad Ali in his prime understand how he redefined boxing. He was “The Champ” like no other, before or since. All class and all sass at the same time his flamboyant manner and irresistible charm were so compelling he may have saved his sport from oblivion.

The Federal Government Awakens Apple’s Litigation Giant

3:51 PM 03/03/2016

The standoff between Apple and the federal government over the unlocking of an iPhone that once was in possession of one of the San Bernardino shooters is illustrative. It encapsulates nicely the conflict that exists between the government’s responsibility to keep us safe and an individual’s right to privacy. This dispute may go down in history as the federal government, perhaps unknowingly, attempted to strong-arm one of the most artful and aggressive legal armies our courts have ever beheld.

Who Should Take The Risks In The Mortgage Market?

10:08 AM 11/16/2015

It’s often said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again while expecting to get a different result. Not surprisingly this appears to be a lesson lost on the head honchos at Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae who, having made risky plays that almost toppled the American financial system and cost taxpayers at least $187 billion in bailouts – we may never know the real number, which is probably much higher – keep trying to perpetuate their existence and put things back the way they were.

One Man’s Troll Is Another Man’s Privateer

11:47 AM 09/17/2015

What Shakespeare said about a rose smelling as sweet under any name is surprisingly not applicable to the world of consumer products and corporate brands. Your refrigerator, your washing machine, your television and many of other consumer appliances may, in fact, be manufactured by someone you’ve never heard of rather than by “the name you know” that is affixed to it.

Supposed Patent Troll Fighters Are Trolls Too

3:49 PM 08/25/2015

Fighting patent trolls is the new slogan for the do-gooders waging war against the intellectual property pirates who are sapping innovation from the U.S. economy. You hear it from benevolent technology companies and Washington insiders alike, but there are more than a few in Silicon Valley who are walking a fine line between playing the virtuous corporate citizen and maintaining the bottom line.

ITC Exclusion Order Request Threatens U.S. Trade Interests

12:09 PM 07/29/2015

Over the last decade changes in technology have brought about momentous changes in the commercial space. The Internet and the many devices that link to it have created a world in which the business of buying and selling goods is not only international but instantaneous.

340B – Another Shot Fired In The Healthcare Wars

5:24 PM 06/16/2015

Things have been relatively quiet since the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act became law. President Barack Obama’s signature achievement had the unexpected effect of creating a kind of political ceasefire in the healthcare wars that had raged ever since Bill Clinton first entered the White House.

The Long Arm Of U.S. Law Gets Longer

6:43 PM 06/02/2015

The United States Department of Justice has a well-earned reputation for ruthlessness in its pursuit of lawbreakers, to the point where serious concerns have been raised they are trampling on the rights of the accused. It’s gotten to the point where politically motivated prosecutions, while not exactly commonplace are alarmingly frequent. One does not need be a juris doctor to recognize the system is sick: The way Alaska Republican Ted Stevens was railroaded out of the U.S. Senate on a train driven by the DOJ’s Public Integrity section is proof enough of that.

Jeffrey Fiedler: The Manchurian Commissioner

3:51 PM 05/12/2015

Trade with what in less politically correct times was called the Far East is a vital part of the American economy. The Pacific Rim nations are a hub of economic activity whose imports and exports have a direct bearing on the health of the U.S. economy and, for this reason, is a center of interest for U.S. policymakers.

Time To Reform ICANN For Real Accountability

4:54 PM 03/24/2015

Despite considerable congressional opposition to the move, the Obama administration is still not backing away from its announcement it will be cutting ICANN loose from its last remaining moorings sooner rather than later.

Re-Building A House Of Cards: FHA Is Not The Answer

4:12 PM 02/20/2015

The U.S. economy is still trying to recover from the crash it experienced after the housing bubble burst. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were bailed out to the tune of $187 billion and remain in conservatorship, wards of the state. The single saving grace was that many of those loans had private mortgage insurance covering the first 30 percent of loss; otherwise the taxpayers would have received a bill for an additional $50 plus billion.

Why Is ICANN Hiding The Solution To Its Accountability Problem?

3:16 PM 02/09/2015

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers – once an obscure nonprofit that was ostensibly important just to a handful of tech heads - is now mired in controversy as a result of the Obama administration’s announced intention to put an end to the last vestiges of America’s supervision of the Internet.

Time For DOD To Pull The Plug On North Korea-Connected Auto Shipper

11:56 AM 01/26/2015

If there’s anyone who is certain beyond a reasonable doubt that the North Korean government or agents in its employ hacked into the computer system at Sony Pictures they’re not saying. Nevertheless suspicions still run high that the attack – which combined 21st century technological ruthlessness with the amateurishness of a fraternity prank – reminded everyone that the regime in Pyongyang considers the United States its mortal enemy.

We Need Stronger Oversight Of ICANN

10:38 AM 07/02/2014

Whoever controls the Internet may control the future of global commerce. As more and more commercial platforms are developed, commerce is moving from Main Street into cyberspace at a rate that will make the Internet the global shopping mall of the future.

Did Obama’s DoD Overlook a Critical North Korean Connection?

10:57 AM 05/09/2014

For some companies, winning a contract to do a job or provide a service for the United States military is the equivalent of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. One good strike and you're home free. That makes for a contracting process that is highly regulated, closely supervised, and open both to review and repeal -- because heaven forbid someone should make an error that leaves the U.S. taxpayers on the hook or worse.

If Obama gives away the Internet, can ICANN be trusted?

11:58 AM 04/23/2014

As the NetMundial global meeting on the future of Internet Governance convenes in Brazil today, the fallout stemming from the Obama administration’s announcement it would cede the United States’ remaining control of the Internet to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers beginning in 2015 continues.