Peter Roff

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Peter Roff is a former senior political writer for United Press International and commentator on political and public affairs who appears regularly on the One America News Network.

Texas Jury Verdicts Threaten Economic Growth

Opinion | Peter Roff
All the states need to get serious about legal reform, but perhaps especially Texas

On Infrastructure, The Little Things Count Too

op-ed | Peter Roff
There’s a vigorous debate underway

Time for Boeing to Let Bombardier’s C Series Fly

op-ed | Peter Roff
In the Boeing-Bombardier dispute: case closed.

On Trade, America May Be Going To War With Itself

op-ed | Peter Roff
The president should say no to protectionism that costs consumers and hurts workers

Energy, Made In America, Is The Key To Our Future

Opinion | Peter Roff
Getting out of Paris will unleash the enormous potential for gains across all sectors of the economy.

Trade Current Deals For Better Ones

Opinion | Peter Roff
Beating up on companies that employ thousands of Americans should not be the foundation of our trade policy.

ITC Vital In Protecting American Companies' Ability To Compete

Opinion | Peter Roff
U.S. must act to secure our nation’s role in the next phase of global trade.

In Puerto Rico Bill, Gift-Giving Encouraged

Opinion | Peter Roff
If PROMESA is enacted the financial control board will have absolute power in Puerto Rico.

Ali's Legacy Shouldn't Apply To MMA

Opinion | Peter Roff
The fact the Ali Act worked for boxing doesn’t mean it's equally applicable to other sports.

The Federal Government Awakens Apple's Litigation Giant

Opinion | Peter Roff
The fact that Apple was able to wage a war with patents deemed obvious and, therefore, invalid is amazing.

Who Should Take The Risks In The Mortgage Market?

Opinion | Peter Roff
Congress would be foolish to let Freddie and Fannie take back control of what they once had.

One Man's Troll Is Another Man's Privateer

Opinion | Peter Roff
Apple and Samsung regularly license each other’s technologies and compensate each other through reasonable royalties.

Supposed Patent Troll Fighters Are Trolls Too

Opinion | Peter Roff
Some companies are walking a fine line between playing the virtuous corporate citizen and maintaining the bottom line.

ITC Exclusion Order Request Threatens U.S. Trade Interests

Opinion | Peter Roff
There is something not quite right when companies attempt to use a federal agency to gain competitive advantage

340B -- Another Shot Fired In The Healthcare Wars

Opinion | Peter Roff
Picking apart federal programs like Medicare and Medicaid is unwise politically and probably bad policy to boot.

The Long Arm Of U.S. Law Gets Longer

Opinion | Peter Roff
The State Department colludes with a foreign government to have a Ukrainian oligarch extradited and tried

Jeffrey Fiedler: The Manchurian Commissioner

Opinion | Peter Roff
Fiedler’s activities on the U.S.-China Economic Security Review Commission should come as an embarrassment to Pelosi

Time To Reform ICANN For Real Accountability

Opinion | Peter Roff
Independence isn't the answer, unless you want the Internet to work like FIFA

Re-Building A House Of Cards: FHA Is Not The Answer

Opinion | Peter Roff
The administration is setting taxpayers up to assume more risk.

Why Is ICANN Hiding The Solution To Its Accountability Problem?

Opinion | Peter Roff
It needs a thoughtfully organized governance structure, not international oversight.

Time For DOD To Pull The Plug On North Korea-Connected Auto Shipper

Opinion | Peter Roff
However deep the connection is, the contractor is failing to do the job.

Chinese Crack Down On U.S. Food Firms, Sometimes Without Saying Why

Opinion | Peter Roff
Under the guise of food safety, authorities are trying to give a boost to Chinese firms.

We Need Stronger Oversight Of ICANN

Opinion | Peter Roff
Despite recent domain giveaway scams, the administration wants to give away control.

Did Obama's DoD Overlook a Critical North Korean Connection?

Opinion | Peter Roff
A new contractor's parent company is run by an honorary North Korean

If Obama gives away the Internet, can ICANN be trusted?

| Peter Roff
Is its Geneva office is just a satellite, or a sign of things to come?

Global Internet governance proposals threaten security, freedom of information

Opinion | Peter Roff
Congress should intervene to make sure Internet governance remains mostly an American job.

Are federal sugar subsidies financing lawsuits over market share?

Opinion | Peter Roff
'If the sugar industry and the corn growers are going to fight it out, let them do so on their own nickel – not ours.'

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