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      Rob Bennett

      Rob Bennett recently wrote a Google Knol entitled “The Bull Market Caused the Economic Crisis.” He is the author of the book “Passion Saving,” and the publisher of

Facts don’t matter

4:29 PM 07/12/2010

The Boston Globe reports today that facts don’t matter in political debates. Studies show that, once people form an opinion, they go to great lengths to avoid having to revise it. If anything, objective showings that they are wrong cause people to dig in and develop a stronger belief in the idea they initially got wrong. “The general idea is that it’s absolutely threatening to admit you’re wrong,” says a researcher.

How we invest is a political question

12:00 AM 06/07/2010

People think of investing as a private matter. The goal is to finance your personal retirement. You make your choices and you live with the results. It’s not the place of the larger community to protect you from making bad decisions or to encourage you to make good ones. When you invest, you are on your own.