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RON HART: Self-Control Before Gun Control

12:35 AM 03/08/2018

With the help of a sensationalizing press and of the entertainment business, which makes the pernicious and violent video games and movies that I think play the biggest role in mass shootings, liberals predictably seized upon the Parkland shooting rampage to call for more gun control.

When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline

9:51 PM 02/20/2018

Here is what has happened so far in Special Counsel Mueller’s collusion probe and how government has spent our $20 million. As the FBI was ignoring specific and spot-on citizens' tips that could have stopped the Florida school shooting, it  continued to chase around political campaign volunteers for not filling out their paperwork just right.

The ‘Memo’ Matters – And Here’s Why

9:51 PM 02/07/2018

We have grown an alphabet soup of powerful agencies like the FBI, DHS, NSA, DOJ, IRS, etc. We invest them with immense powers to arrest and to ruin lives, with scant accountability. We allow them to operate in clubby secrecy because they tell us we have to. Why?  When Congress (which supposedly has oversight) subpoenas them, they do not respond. Everyone is afraid to speak critically of them, as the critics might become targets. What have we created?

RON HART: No Statists Of The Union In This Administration!

10:20 PM 01/31/2018

During the Obama years, the State of the Union address was a divisive and arrogantly partisan lecture by a smooth-talking president. He lectured Supreme Court members so much that some stopped attending. Hopefully, this year we can focus not on the messenger but on the message, which seems to be working together on immigration and rebuilding our infrastructure.

These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree

9:45 PM 01/24/2018

Due to the fact that the institutions are largely government-funded, higher education has become an overpriced failure full of left-leaning political cronies. Bloated colleges with tenured professors who seek to indoctrinate students, rather than educate them, diminish our country. Kids leave college under-educated and frustrated, espousing illogical social beliefs that cause them to be humorless and angry.  If being perpetually offended were a job, they would be able to pay off their massive student loans. These same folks show up to a Confederate statue protest in a Volkswagen, shouting, “Resist the Nazi extremists!”  --  and don't see the irony.

A Week In The Life Of A ‘Very Stable Genius’

2:55 PM 01/17/2018

People can often “misunderestimate” just how hard it is to be a "very stable genius" all the time. So it is with Trump, battling hyperventilating and relentless media unencumbered by the truth that are out to destroy him.

As The Celebrity Award Season Begins, It’s Open Season For Ron Hart

12:42 AM 01/11/2018

Seth Meyers personified the predictably smug and self-congratulatory Golden Globes Awards Sunday.  The Golden Globes ceremony is the January ritual that kicks off the actors' awards season, where actors give each other awards and which lasts through November. It is good to see these stars finally getting some recognition.

AULD LANG SYNE: Ron Hart Looks Back At 2017

2:24 AM 12/29/2017

1. President Trump tweeted that our criminal justice system is a “joke.” Maybe so. Retribution prosecutions abound. A man got in trouble with the law for offering a woman food in exchange for sex; he might be charged with four counts of Tinder dating.

Money Diverted By NFL Commissioner Hasn’t Silenced Players

12:43 AM 12/15/2017

In a Slate interview, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid said he’s been told the National Football League is planning to allow owners to shift money pledged to other charitable campaigns like breast cancer and Salute the Troops to the players’ seven-year, $89 million program to fund social justice causes. It’s a cowardly attempt by NFL owners to shut up ungrateful players.

Condem-Nation: Today’s Race to Denounce

3:29 AM 12/01/2017

When news breaks of a sexual allegation or an event like the violence in Charlottesville, VA, there’s a breathless race -- before any due process or facts are vetted -- to denounce the event.

My Colonoscopy: Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone

2:08 PM 11/14/2017

One in three folks over fifty who need a colonoscopy fail to have one. That's nuts. It's easier than it's ever been, and not getting this thing done might kill you. So schedule one now, before Obamacare implodes further and you can only see your doctor in a few years if you sign up to caddy on Saturday at your local country club.

Mueller Is Weaponizing Criminal Law For Political Gain

11:18 AM 10/31/2017

As most assumed, lobbyist and fired Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted by Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. This indictment had nothing to do with Trump's campaign. The investigation into Russian collusion by Trump has been an expensive, media-encouraged attempt to find some major smoking gun. So far, this  “scandal” hasn’t lived up to its hype; it’s the Apple Watch of investigations.

Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations

11:17 AM 10/24/2017

Members of the Obama Administration may still have to testify after reports surfaced that Senators told Obama of Russian meddling in 2016 -- and he did nothing. Thinking Hillary was going to win big, he didn’t want to "taint" her election.