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Robert Oscar Lopez
Author, Colorful Conservative
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      Robert Oscar Lopez

      Robert Oscar Lopez is an English and Classics professor in Los Angeles, and author of Colorful Conservative: American Conversations with the Ancients from Wheatley to Whitman (2011) and Jephthah's Daughters: Innocent Casualties in the War for Family 'Equality' (2015). Jephthah's Daughters will be available at bookstore and after February 25, 2015. He edits English Manif.

We Need A “95 Theses” For Higher Education

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA - DECEMBER 6: Students walk through the University of Virginia campus on December 6, 2014 in Charlottesville, Virginia. On Friday, Rolling Stone magazine issued an apology for discrepencies that were published in an article regarding the alleged gang rape of a University of Virginia student by members of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. (Photo by Jay Paul/Getty Images)

Exactly 500 years ago a professor named Martin Luther felt increasingly alarmed about corruption in the Roman Catholic Church. In October 1517, Luther authored his famous 95 theses challenging the Vatican’s management of Christendom, beginning with the assertion that God “willed the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.” While Luther did not want to tear apart the church, his actions did spur the Protestant Reformation.

First They Came For The Homophobes

6:08 PM 12/23/2016

The story sounds like a bad joke: “Two gays and a kid they’re raising run into Donald Trump’s Jewish daughter and her kids as they’re boarding a holiday flight to San Francisco…”

It’s Time To Take On California’s Leftist Campus Culture

4:53 PM 12/07/2016

My former employer, California State University-Northridge, is the epitome of everything wrong with college campuses today. For almost a decade, I chronicled the utter insanity of the college as well as its hypocrisy. On this palmy California quadrangle, a “Hispanic-Serving Institution” comprised of over forty thousand students, Christian groups like InterVarsity are not welcome and the publicity office refused to promote a guest lecture by Shirley Jones, the Academy-award-winning actress who played Mrs. Partridge. On the other hand, a “queer icon” name “Bitch” can find its way to a prominent spot on the university website.

Abandoning Tenure To Save My Soul

5:10 PM 06/07/2016

In May 2013, I received a letter from Provost Harry Hellenbrand, informing me that I had received tenure at California State University-Northridge. This was a joyous occasion. For most professors no watershed is as important as the moment one receives tenure.

Kids Of Gay Couples Find Their Voice — Will SCOTUS Listen?

11:48 AM 02/13/2015

February is shaping up to be a historic month for children of gays, or “COGs." Just when it seemed that a Supreme Court victory for gay marriage had no obstacles in sight, the issue of gay parenting has been reopened for serious questioning. The interrogators are no longer preachers, social scientists, or gay rights advocates, but children of gay couples themselves.