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Robert Donachie
Robert Donachie
Finance and Health Care Reporter
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      Robert Donachie

      I studied Political Economy at Rhodes College in Memphis, Tn. I am an active musician and I love the outdoors. I write on finance, economics, healthcare policy and cronyism for the Daily Caller News Foundation.

What The Health Are They Voting On?

7:45 AM 07/25/2017

The Senate is scheduled to begin debating the various versions of health care reform Tuesday, but senators remain unsure if they will be voting to repeal and replace, or simply repeal, Obamacare.

Trump Calls Out WaPo For ‘Fake News’

11:13 PM 07/24/2017

President Donald Trump went on a tweet storm against The Washington Post for what he believes are fabricated facts regarding the administration's decision to stop arming and training Syrian rebel groups.