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Former Democratic Congressman
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      Ronnie Shows

      A native of Moselle, Mississippi, Ronnie was elected to the U.S. Congress in 1998 and served until 2003. He was an active member of the Congressional Blue Dog Caucus and served on the House Finance/Banking Committee. Ronnie is still an active alumni of the Blue Dogs and works closely on a number of initiatives with leaders in the House, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
      Early in his career, Ronnie was an educator, coach and farmer. He was then elected to local office as Circuit Clerk in Jefferson Davis County, MS and later to the Mississippi State Senate for eight years. Ronnie was elected and served for from 1988-1998 as Mississippi State Highway Director.
      Ronnie is a well-liked and well-connected advocate for his clients in Washington and enjoys broad recognition as a respected professional from Democrats and Republicans alike. Additionally, Ronnie has traveled internationally as a select election observer in Africa and Asia. Ronnie and his wife, Johnnie Ruth, enjoy their children and grandchildren from their home in Bassfield, MS.
      Ronnie holds degrees in education and political science from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Even Democrats Have To Admit Trump Is Keeping His Promise On BioFuels

5:46 PM 11/17/2017

Lord knows that I am no supporter of President Donald Trump, and that I worked hard to help Hillary Clinton win the White House last year. But since I introduced the first-ever ethanol bill in the Mississippi legislature decades ago, I have been a strong supporter of biofuels. I believe in renewables because I support American farmers and other businesses harvesting our natural resources to help diversify our fuel supply while creating jobs and bolstering rural economies.

What The Media Won’t Tell You About Gulf Coast Hurricane Recovery

9:52 AM 09/27/2017

As someone who spent most of his life in elected politics, I learned it’s human nature to place blame somewhere else, when things don’t go your way. Most politicians know this too, which is why whenever there is a disaster – natural or manmade – many elected officials get on their pedestal and criticize whatever government agency, or business, they think voters want publicly shamed.

Dear GOP: Eliminate Waste And Fraud To Help Pay For Healthcare Bill

10:23 AM 06/29/2017

A lifelong Democrat, I am not sorry to watch Republicans in Congress struggle to undo the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Now, the Senate has agreed to delay a vote until after the Fourth of July, and the GOP will spend the next few weeks trying to craft legislation that appeals to both the moderates and the most conservative members of their caucus.

Puerto Rico Must Get Debt Negotiations Right For The Sake Of The People

11:47 AM 04/06/2017

I grew up – poor in dollars but rich in a strong family bond -- in rural Mississippi, and spent most of my adult life in public service representing some of the most economically disadvantaged regions in America. My first elected office was the county clerk of Jefferson Davis Country, and my last was representing that same region of Mississippi in the United States Congress. The constant over those 30 years, was always advocating for the poor.

If Allegations About Sheldon Adelson’s Business Ties Are True, 2016 Candidates Should Stay Away From Him

10:16 AM 11/06/2015

As someone who spent most of his adult life in elected office, I know the importance of campaign contributions. Whether Americans like it or not, money is the life-blood of politics. Without strong financial support, it is hard, if not impossible, to run an effective campaign. This is a bipartisan problem, plaguing both Democrats and Republicans alike.

Why Is Obama Allowing Big Oil To Kill Biofuels?

10:53 AM 06/01/2015

As the first legislator to introduce a biofuels bill in the Mississippi State House, I am deeply concerned that the Obama administration is making a huge mistake when it comes to determining the United States’ commitment to renewable fuels. Last week, the administration released a proposed Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS), and it could guarantee that oil will be the dominant transportation fuel for decades.

Shut Down Investors Using Influence To Undermine Trust In Government

11:46 AM 05/05/2015

As recently as a few years ago, there were Democratic politicians throughout the Deep South at both the federal and statewide levels. Today, this is no longer the case. The dearth of elected Democrats coincides with increased distrust in government. Because I spent most of my adult life as an elected official, my friends and neighbors still want to talk about politics with me. Recently, these discussions have often centered on peoples’ anger at “the government” and “Washington.”

Democrats Must Work Harder To Win Military Votes

5:49 PM 06/18/2014

In the 2004 election, when the Iraq War was at its worst and American service members were being killed and wounded every day due to a poorly managed conflict, President George W. Bush won the military vote by a whopping 16 percentage points over Senator John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Federal regulators need to abandon their ‘us versus them’ mentality

1:25 PM 07/18/2012

Republicans often attack President Obama for his administration's job-killing regulations. I am not in the White House very often, but I think the president and his team know that destroying jobs and hurting American businesses isn't a very good way to get re-elected --- and I can promise you that getting re-elected is President Obama’s top priority, as it should be. So, in my view, these Republican attacks are unfair.

The demise of the deal makers

10:59 AM 04/30/2012

If two people have their feet set in concrete, neither can move very far. That is true in life and especially when serving in the United States Congress.

What are Republicans’ real intentions for Social Security?

6:10 PM 04/25/2012

The news that Social Security will face shortfalls in the near future is not good news for the federal program that millions of American seniors and disabled folks rely on to help make ends meet. Clearly something needs to be done to fix Social Security. My fear is that Republicans are going to try to gut Social Security under the cover of "reforming" the program by eliminating "waste, fraud and abuse."

In defense of pink slime

2:56 PM 04/12/2012

Like most Americans, I love a good, juicy hamburger and am pretty thankful for the people who raise the beef, make it into an edible product and cook it for me.