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Democrats Must Work Harder To Win Military Votes

Ronnie Shows
Former Democratic Congressman
              In this photo taken Jan. 26, 2011 and released by the U.S. Air Force, a CV-22 Osprey aircraft of the 8th Special Operations Squadron (SOS)

In the 2004 election, when the Iraq War was at its worst and American service members were being killed and wounded every day due to a poorly managed conflict, President George W. Bush won the military vote by a whopping 16 percentage points over Senator John Kerry, a decorated Vietnam Veteran.

Federal regulators need to abandon their ‘us versus them’ mentality

1:25 PM 07/18/2012

Republicans often attack President Obama for his administration's job-killing regulations. I am not in the White House very often, but I think the president and his team know that destroying jobs and hurting American businesses isn't a very good way to get re-elected --- and I can promise you that getting re-elected is President Obama’s top priority, as it should be. So, in my view, these Republican attacks are unfair.

Progressives need to give Obama the green light on Keystone

11:04 AM 05/03/2012

It’s time for the president to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and make a campaign problem for Democrats go away.

The demise of the deal makers

10:59 AM 04/30/2012

If two people have their feet set in concrete, neither can move very far. That is true in life and especially when serving in the United States Congress.

What are Republicans’ real intentions for Social Security?

6:10 PM 04/25/2012

The news that Social Security will face shortfalls in the near future is not good news for the federal program that millions of American seniors and disabled folks rely on to help make ends meet. Clearly something needs to be done to fix Social Security. My fear is that Republicans are going to try to gut Social Security under the cover of "reforming" the program by eliminating "waste, fraud and abuse."

In defense of pink slime

2:56 PM 04/12/2012

Like most Americans, I love a good, juicy hamburger and am pretty thankful for the people who raise the beef, make it into an edible product and cook it for me.

Can business and environmentalism coexist?

12:05 AM 03/26/2010

Increasingly in this country there is the perception that what is good for the environment is bad for business. But is that really how it is?