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Report: Government Really Does Waste Most Taxpayer Dollars

1:31 PM 10/18/2014

The federal government wastes most taxpayer dollars, not only by making poor or fradulent spending decisions, but also by funding inefficient entitlement programs and unnecessarily redistributing wealth, argues Heritage Foundation budget economist Romina Boccia.

Elizabeth Warren Slams Obama, Defends Dems

12:52 PM 10/13/2014

Sen. Elizabeth Warren slammed President Barack Obama for favoring Wall Street, and called for Democrats to take a tougher stance against the financial industry in an interview published Sunday. Still, she maintained that her party is less on the side of Wall Street than Republicans.

Pelosi Demands Minimum Wage Hike

5:14 PM 10/10/2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi reiterated her support for raising the minimum wage Friday, claiming a hike would pull millions out of poverty and grow the economy.