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Israel — The Democrat — Troubled By John Kerry’s Remarks On Israel — The Country [VIDEO]

US Secretary of State John Kerry delivers remarks with Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin during joint press conference in the Treaty Room July 29, 2014 after meetings at the State Department in Washington, DC.  The United States is drawing up fresh sanctions against Russia for its role in fuelling the crisis in Ukraine, Kerry warned Tuesday. (Photo: Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images)

Democratic Rep. Steve Israel said he's troubled by Secretary of State John Kerry's take on Israel's conflict with Hamas.

Feds Allegedly Buy Strippers, Supply Drugs In Corruption Case, Then Drop All Charges

11:16 AM 07/31/2014

After setting up a completely fake drug deal and spending thousands of dollars on strippers and plane tickets to trip up a border patrol agent, the Obama administration has suddenly dropped all charges.

George W. Bush To Release Biography Of His Father

6:43 PM 07/30/2014

President George W. Bush will soon release a biography of his father, President George H. W. Bush, The Daily Caller has learned.

57 Reasons To Start Doing Yoga [PHOTOS]

9:49 PM 07/28/2014

If you've been thinking about practicing yoga but need that little bit of inspiration and motivation to get started, these photos should do the trick.

NYPD Courageously Defends Tourists From Costumed Panhandlers [VIDEO]

12:11 PM 07/28/2014

The NYPD is currently engaged in a battle with costumed panhandlers who are apparently terrorizing New York City tourists by demanding $10 per picture.

Movie Review: ‘A Most Wanted Man’ Is Brilliant

7:47 PM 07/27/2014

"A Most Wanted Man," adapted from the spy novel by John le Carré, is not one of those stale, depressing and confusing European or Indie films. It also doesn't hit you upside the head with exaggerated violence, unnecessarily long and dramatic car chases and sex, sex, sex!

The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘F’

12:13 AM 07/26/2014

The Daily Caller's alphabet of racism continues -- keep up the good work.

The Hottest Women On The Internet This Week [SLIDESHOW]

11:25 PM 07/25/2014

These 10 sexy women were Googled a TON this week. Take a look.

Girls Night! Michelle Obama And Daughters Spotted At Beyonce And Jay Z Concert [PHOTO]

4:06 PM 07/25/2014

Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama hung out at a Jay Z and Beyonce concert in Chicago Thursday night.

Nicki Minaj Is Fighting Racism By Instagramming Pictures Of Butts [NSFW]

1:47 PM 07/25/2014

Rapper Nicki Minaj thinks some of the attention her bum has been receiving lately is racist, so she's fighting back by posting pictures of white model's butts on Instagram.

Joan Rivers Defends Israel In Epic Rant [VIDEO]

12:57 PM 07/25/2014

Joan Rivers did not mince words when questioned by TMZ about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Khloe Kardashian’s Not Having Sex With Her Boyfriend Because Of Ramadan

12:10 PM 07/25/2014

Khloe Kardashian's rapper boyfriend French Montana is fasting for Ramadan, which means no eating, no drinking, no smoking and no sex for a month-- at least until sunset.

Why Were Pre-Teen Girls Finding Creepy Dolls On Their Doorstep?

10:02 AM 07/25/2014

California investigators have been receiving reports from families for weeks -- each concerned after a porcelain doll resembling their pre-teen daughter was placed on their doorstep -- and they've finally solved the case.

Scarlett Johansson’s Hottest Moments [SLIDESHOW]

12:15 AM 07/25/2014

Scarlett Johansson's latest film "Lucy," which is about a chick who can use 100 percent of her brain and might take over the world or something, opens in theaters this weekend.

Pro-Palestinian Protestors Attack Israeli Soccer Team During Match

2:04 PM 07/24/2014

Pro-Palestinian protestors attacked an Israeli soccer team during an exhibition match in Austria Wednesday night.

Kid Rock Ordered To Produce Glass Sex Toy In Insane Clown Posse Case

1:29 PM 07/24/2014

Kid Rock allegedly has an important glass dildo in his possession, and he's been ordered to turn it over as evidence in a sexual harassment suit against a rapping clown duo called Insane Clown Posse.

Today In Bill Murray Showing Up For The Win

12:49 PM 07/24/2014

A smart man who also owns an ice cream truck heard his idol Bill Murray was filming nearby, so he invited the cast and crew of the film and the entire neighborhood over for a "Bill Murray Ice Cream Social," hoping he'd show up.

The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘E’

12:23 AM 07/24/2014

Learning the alphabet of racism is no small task, and frankly writing it isn't either. But here at The Daily Caller we're dedicated to spreading the news that racism is everywhere, everyday. The letter 'A,' the letter 'B,' the letter 'C,' and the letter 'D' are behind us -- only 21 more letters to go!

Will Ferrell’s Remake Of ‘Manimal’ Is Sure To Win An Oscar [VIDEO]

2:10 PM 07/23/2014

Will Ferrell and "Anchorman 2" producer Adam McKay are teeming up to bring back the failed but awesome '80s cult classic "Manimal."