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Rachel Stoltzfoos

Abortionists Enthusiastically Embrace Devastation Wrought By Zika Virus

2:01 PM 02/08/2016

Abortionists are embracing the devastation wrought on pregnant mothers by the Zika virus to advance a global pro-choice agenda, saying mothers must be able to safely and affordably terminate pregnancies if birth defects are a likely outcome, or if the parents can't afford costs associated with follow-on medical care of afflicted children.

Hillary And Bernie Skip Over Red Hot Immigration Topic In Dem Debate

1:26 PM 02/05/2016

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders barely mentioned immigration in Thursday's Democratic presidential primary debate. The duo brushed aside the red hot topic that vaulted Donald Trump to the top of the polls, to discuss campaign finance reform and income inequality.

White House Indecisive As ISIS Blooms In Libya

2:12 PM 02/04/2016

President Barack Obama isn't sure how best to counter the threat of an expanding Islamic State foothold in Libya, where the group is building an army and providing refuge to its war-torn leaders.