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Rachel Stoltzfoos

Rubio Breaks Silence On Reports Of H-1B Abuses

9:43 PM 06/26/2015

Republican Sen. Marco Rubio broke his silence on H-1b abuses Friday, following the news that another Florida company is laying off dozens of tech workers and asking them to train their foreign replacements.

How Obama Failed The Families Of Four Now-Dead ISIS Hostages

9:34 AM 06/25/2015

The Obama administration failed the families of four now-dead U.S. hostages held by the Islamic State, an adviser to the families wrote in a scathing piece Wednesday that coincides with a similarly critical in-depth account of the families' experiences by The New Yorker.

Report: Sweeping New Hostage Policy Due To ‘Idiot’ At State Dept, WILL Harm Americans

11:49 PM 06/23/2015

The federal government will stop threatening families with criminal prosecution for attempting to pay ransom for loved ones taken hostage by terrorist groups, President Barack Obama will announce Wednesday in an executive order clarifying and changing the way the government handles hostage situations. The sweeping new policy is due to "an idiot" at the Department of State, an official close to the review process told The Daily Caller News Foundation-- and "it's going to encourage more kidnappings of U.S. service members and U.S. diplomats stationed abroad, and it's going to make Americans targets."