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Decompetition Decompetition Decompetition

Scott Cleland
Chairman, NetCompetition

The FCC’s new professed mantra is “competition competition competition.”

Supreme Court And European Union Expose Google’s Massive Privacy Liabilities

6:40 PM 07/31/2014

Google has privacy clay feet.

Google’s Right to Be Forgotten Hypocrisy

5:30 PM 07/14/2014

Google does not practice what it preaches.

The Top 10 Failures of FCC Title II Utility Regulation

8:56 PM 07/07/2014

Who wants to repeat mistakes and failures?

The Top Ten Reasons To Oppose Broadband Utility Regulation

5:00 PM 05/28/2014

Few official bad ideas come along that are as bad as this one.

The Top Ten Reasons Broadband Internet Is Not a Public Utility

4:39 PM 05/20/2014

Net neutrality activists succeeded last week in getting the FCC to officially consider ruling that private broadband companies should be price and profit regulated like public utilities in order to ensure maximal net neutrality.

The least efficient part of government

11:34 PM 04/24/2014

Spectrum management is the least efficient part of the federal government.

The FCC disincentive auction

9:36 PM 04/22/2014

The Federal Communications Commission’s upcoming “incentive” auction of TV airwaves is already at war with itself.

Google’s Glass house

1:44 PM 04/14/2014

Glass is a rare window into Google’s soul.

Online video competition’s tipping point just tipped

3:23 PM 04/08/2014

What do Amazon, Verizon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Yahoo all have in common?

Diverging US-EU Internet trade visions

2:26 PM 04/07/2014

U.S. and EU Internet trade policies continued to head in opposite directions last week.

Accelerating the de-Americanization of the Internet

9:02 PM 03/16/2014

The Internet's moorings are detaching from America.

The narrowing net neutrality dispute

1:21 PM 02/24/2014

The practical dispute over net neutrality continues to narrow.

Comcast’s merger in perspective

1:33 PM 02/19/2014

Opponents of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger sure can hype.

Government broadband overbuilds are anti-competitive

8:13 AM 02/12/2014

Governments do not “compete” with companies.

How the Google-EC Competition Deal Harms Europe

6:38 PM 02/10/2014

Europe is the big loser in the Google-EC competition settlement.

Google’s robots and creeping militarization

11:09 AM 01/09/2014

Google CEO Larry Page has rapidly positioned Google to become an indispensable U.S. military contractor.

The European Commission’s Google antitrust problems are not going away

12:45 PM 12/16/2013

Why are European Commission antitrust authorities bending over backwards to settle with Google?

Why Chairmen Upton and Walden plan a Communications Act update

2:47 AM 12/06/2013

The most modern part of America’s economy has the most obsolete law.