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Pit Bull MAULS Its Owner -- Right In Front Of Animal Control

US | Scott Greer

Liberals Cry Free Speech For NFL Kneelers But Want Conservatives Fired For Their Opinions

Editorial | Scott Greer
Consistent standard!

Google Labeled GOP Lawmaker A 'Bigot'

Politics | Scott Greer
What the heck?

Liberal Journalists Aren't A Protected Class

Editorial | Scott Greer
Elon Musk is right -- it's the nature of the public square

UK Arrests Islam Critic For Reporting On Grooming Gang Trial

World | Scott Greer
No love for the free press

The NFL Anthem Decision Is Not An Assault On Free Speech

Editorial | Scott Greer
Unlike Google employees, NFL players can still express their views freely

HORROR: Pit Bull Turns On Its Own Family, Sends 3 Of Its Victims To The Hospital

US | Scott Greer
Just another sweet pup

Conservative Principles Don't Justify Silencing Conservatives

Editorial | Scott Greer
Big Tech finds a new defense for its rampant censorship

Why The Liberal Media Humiliates Itself Defending MS-13

Editorial | Scott Greer
The answer appears to be yes

4-Year-Old Boy Attacked TWICE By Pit Bull In Winn-Dixie Parking Lot

US | Scott Greer
Owner still insists her pit bull is sweet

Leftists Now Want To Police Your Music

Editorial | Scott Greer
This will end well

Another Day, Another Death Because Of A Pit Bull

US | Scott Greer
This time an elderly woman

It's Time For Common Sense Pit Bull Regulation

Editorial | Scott Greer
Even PETA supports this idea

Red State Democrat Follows Party Orders On Immigration

Editorial | Scott Greer
Tester shows no independence on immigration

The Left Will Never Leave Conservatives Alone -- Even When They Surrender

Editorial | Scott Greer
'Leave us alone' no longer signals defiance

Chelsea Manning's Platform Will One Day Be The Democratic Mainstream

Editorial | Scott Greer
It may appear crazy now, but so did most progressive ideas

It's Not Just 'Incels' Who Feel Entitled To Sex

Editorial | Scott Greer
Western society has a problem on its hands

The Next Democratic Nominee Will Emulate Kathy Griffin

Editorial | Scott Greer
The comedian is delivering the raw, anti-Trump rage of the progressive base

Liberal Journalists Are Targeting Jordan Peterson With Their Favorite Smear -- And It's Only Going To Get Worse

Editorial | Scott Greer
The Canadian professor is continually attacked for associating with a movement he's denounced

Accepting The Migrant Caravan Announces America's Borders Are Open

Editorial | Scott Greer
Will America signal to the world we have open borders?

The Professor Who Celebrated Barbara Bush's Death Is No Free Speech Martyr

Editorial | Scott Greer
She's keeping her job anyway

Woke Capitalism Is Still Going Strong

Editorial | Scott Greer
And it's still at war with the NRA

School Paper Attacks Gun-Toting Trump Supporter For Giving University A 'Bad Name'

Education | Scott Greer
'We feel like the photo not only makes the university look bad but also those students who go to UTC'

The Courts Rule Supreme Over Immigration Policy

Editorial | Scott Greer
No power to the people

Why You Should Be Worried When Lawmakers Want To Eliminate Hate Speech

Editorial | Scott Greer
Who defines what hate speech is?

Starbucks' Latest Controversy Demonstrates The Elite's Racial Hypocrisy

Editorial | Scott Greer
Not so woke

Non-Interventionism Finds A Home On Fox News

Editorial | Scott Greer
It's a different era from the days of George W. Bush

Why WaPo Wants A Neutered 'Conservative' Party

Editorial | Scott Greer
It's not about wanting serious opposition

How The Establishment Media May Justify South Africa Taking Land From Whites

Editorial | Scott Greer
All about that 'poverty reduction'

The Real Threat To Democracy Isn't Voters Turning Right

Editorial | Scott Greer
Several liberals want Hungary punished for voting the wrong way

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