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Scott Greer
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Playing Devil’s Advocate For Donald Trump

2:55 AM 06/17/2015

It finally happened. For numerous presidential cycles, Donald Trump hinted at a run but ultimately pulled back. On Tuesday, the billionaire officially threw his hair in the ring for the Republican nomination.

The Price Of Transgender Acceptance

11:51 PM 06/02/2015

Several years from now, we will likely look back at June 1, 2015 as a transformative day in world history. We could even have it a holiday for it -- Caitlyn Jenner Day.

Senators Exclude Statistics At Premiere Of Campus Assault Documentary

12:26 PM 06/02/2015

WASHINGTON -- The premiere event for Vice News' campus rape minidocumentary brought Democratic Sens. Claire McCaskill and Kirsten Gillibrand to George Washington University on a stormy Monday Night, yet notably failed to provide the statistics for the issue and did not mention the creator of a rape protest movement the event celebrated but whose story of sexual assault is now doubted.