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California Nurses’ Union Wants Extra Ebola Coverage

3:46 PM 10/20/2014

Nurses' unions are using the failure of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention protocols to keep health workers safe while treating Ebola patients as an opportunity to ask for more benefits for union members from their hospitals.

Ebola Hits Second Dallas Health Worker

9:40 AM 10/15/2014

A second Dallas health care worker who cared for the first Ebola patient in the country has tested positive for the virus, the Centers for Disease Control said Wednesday.

Report: Not All Ebola Patients Will Display A Fever

4:17 PM 10/13/2014

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is hoping to catch most Ebola patients arriving in the U.S. through a fever, typically one of the earliest symptoms, but recent research shows that not all Ebola patients get the high temperature characteristic of the disease.