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My ‘patriotic’ organization’s experience with the IRS

Shane Krauser
Director, American Academy for Constitutional Education

The Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of tea party groups is disturbing, but given the current political climate, it is not altogether surprising. Tea party groups have awakened Americans to the dangers of big government. It only stands to reason that those who oppose these groups’ ideas would make it more difficult for them to gain the tax-exempt status that other non-profits enjoy.

In wake of Boston tragedy, right to privacy at risk

2:00 PM 04/29/2013

Two weeks after the tragic bombings in Boston, our elected officials are offering the American people a stark choice: liberty or security. Arguing for more security cameras in public spaces, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has declared that our dangerous times call for a reinterpretation of the Constitution itself. Privacy --- and presumably any other rights that could someday be construed as “dangerous” --- must take a back seat to security. What Bloomberg proposes would be devastating to America. If we trade our liberty for security, the very idea of America will disappear.