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      Susan Smith

      Susan Smith brings an international perspective to her writing by having lived primarily in western Europe, mainly in Paris, France, and the U.S., primarily in Washington, D.C. She authored a weekly column for Human Events on politics with historical aspects for a number of year. She also served as the Staff Director of the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Children, Family, Drugs and Alcoholism, and Special Assistant to the first Ambassador of Afghanistan following the initial fall of the Taliban. Ms. Smith is a graduate of Wheeling Jesuit University and Georgetown University, as well as the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris, France, where she obtained her French language certification. Ms. Smith now makes her home in McLean, Va.

The Christmas Of 1776

There is such hope, and such joy this Christmas, and so much to anticipate, to look forward to.  There are so many great things ahead of us, so many positive changes that we are going to make, that we can now make because of the one huge change that we made just a short time ago.

Guns & Politics: The Culper Ring

10:25 AM 08/27/2017

It has been remarkably and tragically easy to remain in a state of perpetual confusion with regard to the goal of the average American intelligence agent in the age of Trump.  It feels horrible saying that, as one can be certain that there are many such government employees who are loyal to our new Commander in Chief and determined to do whatever it takes to demonstrate that in fighting for their country.  However, with the ever-present kerfuffle now going on in America vis a vis its intelligence community, it really might be time to examine those who are entrusted with this awesome, and vital, national responsibility.

Guns & Politics: The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

9:15 AM 08/13/2017

Following on the heels of last month's visit of our 45th President and his gorgeous family, the magnificent Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their gorgeous family have been welcomed as VIP guests to the remarkable nation of Poland in Eastern Europe.

Guns & Politics: Russia, Russia, Russia

9:07 AM 07/30/2017

It looks like whether we like it or not the story is Russia, has been Russia since November 8th, and will continue to be Russia until President Trump no longer inhabits the White House. That will be eight exciting, (though exhausting, thanks to the media), years hence, God willing.

Guns & Politics: The Historical Behavior Of Those That Think They Deserve Income Equality

10:42 AM 07/23/2017

The problem of income inequality is currently being touted as the biggest problem in America today, (following, of course, the problem of our "illegitimate" 45th President), by leftist leaders in this nation, and worldwide. As with all the bold, new ideas of the American, and international left, this is a much recycled idea, the solutions of which have been tried, and tried, and tried, and failed not only miserably but often catastrophically.

Guns & Politics: Howe America Won The Revolutionary War

11:11 AM 07/16/2017

Families.  You can’t live with them and you can’t live without them.  We are in the middle of a family drama right now in the U.S.A., and have yet to see how that will turn out.  We all hope for the best, I am sure, and in the meantime, I am reminded of a family drama that played out in a quite different, though equally dramatic fashion, in the 18th Century while this nation was being formed.

Guns & Politics: Fight Like Poles

7:37 AM 07/09/2017

An historic event occurred this week, and that is the visit of the US President Donald J. Trump to the unique European nation of Poland.  Our great President did his country proud, by paying homage to our more than two centuries’ old ally for its constantly demonstrated courage and resiliency.

Guns & Politics: The Last American Hanged For Treason

9:38 AM 06/18/2017

In the current stunningly overheated political atmosphere, created uniquely by the increasingly unhinged left, terms that used to be taken seriously are being thrown around at random.  All this accomplishes is to diminish their effect, which benefits nothing and no one.

Guns & Politics: Regicide

10:37 AM 06/11/2017

Quite frankly, when I looked at the recent image of Kathy Griffin holding up the bloodied decapitated head of the 45th President, I wasn’t quite sure which I found more disturbing – Trump’s head or Kathy Griffin’s face.

Understanding James Comey’s Thomas Becket Reference

7:29 PM 06/09/2017

It is always disappointing to see talented individuals allow themselves to be subsumed into the morass of an overweening ego, which it seems, tragically, to happen to too many.  I was a longtime listener/watcher of Don Imus, for example, but couldn’t continue to do so once it became clear that his ego had taken over.  The same thing happened to Bill O’Reilly, who, once he started believing his own PR, became unwatchable, and now Megan Kelly, who actually has no discernible reason to be so pleased with herself, is impossible to listen to.

Guns & Politics: The Rise Of Ataturk

11:20 AM 05/28/2017

There’s a lot out there that is horrifying to conservatives, from watching the evening ‘news,’ every channel now, to reading morning and/or afternoon newspapers, just about all of them, and just lately the most recent renewed sightings of the dreaded Voice From Chappaqua, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  One of the most horrifying sites recently available to all Americans was the televised reaction of the Turkish officials accompanying the current President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, when he was confronted by peaceful protesters outside the Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C.

Guns & Politics: Russia And The Traitor

2:25 PM 05/21/2017

The increasingly unhinged American news media continues in its self-declared war against our 45th President, Donald Trump, because he has the effrontery to be Donald Trump and not Barack Obama.   Added to the fact that Mr. Trump defeated them by winning the Presidency over their pathetic choice for Obama’s successor, they are out to kill.  Currently, the leftists’ hysteria is focused on what they claim to be the Trump-assisted efforts by the nation of Russia to subvert the American democratic election process.

Guns & Politics: La Marseillaise! The Day Of Glory Has Arrived!

9:49 AM 05/07/2017

Today there will be an election that is critically important to the future of Europe.  France, which has been from the beginning one of the two most important parts of the European Union, will be electing a new leader, with the choice being between one who is a classic more of the same type, and the other being one who wants to change just about everything of the status quo.  This is proving to be a bitter race between Emmanuel  Macron, ENA-educated former banker and Socialist, and Marine Le Pen, always incorrectly referred to as being from the hard right, who wants France to be free of the yoke of the European Union.  We will know on Sunday.

Guns & Politics: This Man Is America’s Spymaster

9:32 AM 04/30/2017

The primary intelligence service of the United States of America, the Central Intelligence Agency, inspires awe in a lot of us, and an endless curiosity in others.  How do they do what they do?  Will we ever know what they do?  Is there really a “Q” in the CIA who invents those amazing things?  How many of our tax dollars go to fund the CIA’s activities?  Or, most recently, does the CIA exist to support the United States of America, or our former President, Barack Obama?

Guns & Politics: The Archangel Of Death

10:46 AM 04/23/2017

In this time of epidemic insanity on college campuses, a brilliant, or perhaps even more importantly, a common-sensical author of many great works, largely promoting support of our law enforcement,  Heather McDonald, was assaulted by campus inhabitants for daring to accept an invitation to deliver a speech on related topics.  She survived, almost unscathed, and her conclusion: