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Terry Brennan
Co-Founder, Leading Women for Shared Parenting
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      Terry Brennan

      Terry Brennan is a co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting.

When Phyllis Schlafly Agreed With The Far Left

Since her passing, we’ve seen the typical media response in summarizing the life and accomplishments of Phyllis Schlafly.  Those who loved her politics praised her achievements, those who loathed her politics denigrated her beliefs or tried to re-write history, as if her work was irrelevant.  Sadly, this isn’t surprising, given the polarized nature of US politics.  But nowhere have we seen the indisputable fact that at times, Phyllis Schlafly and the far left agreed.  As controversy sells more newspapers, that too is unsurprising, but if we’re interested in having the best public policy, perhaps opposite ends of the political spectrum agreeing is an event deserving of more attention.  

Republicans Should Man Up On Fatherlessness

1:58 PM 06/17/2016

For decades, Republicans have preached they’re “Pro-Family," espousing traditional marriage as best. Emboldened by studies showing children fare best in intact families, and fearing the religious right, the message was simple: Marriage is best, so get married and stay married. But those interested in public policy know, positions need to withstand three tests: they should be reviewed for effectiveness, be comprehensive and stand up to rigorous critique.  Republican policy fails all three.