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Terry Brennan
Co-Founder, Leading Women for Shared Parenting
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      Terry Brennan

      Terry Brennan is a co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting.

Can Schools Help Fill The Void Fatherless Boys And Girls Experience? ABSOLUTELY!

12:43 AM 04/02/2018

Male primary school teachers have become an endangered species. While pre-school and kindergarten gender disparities are worst, where women comprise 97.7 percent of teachers, elementary and middle schools aren’t significantly different. Between 1987 and 2012, the percentage of male teachers declined in every measured period, falling to 23.7% of all teachers. The future gender uniformity was exhibited in a NY Times article:

The Establishment Creates Fatherless Kids

6:08 PM 03/26/2018

Attorney Robert Franklin recently said“The terrible effect of fatherlessness on children, including when they become adults, is the single greatest social ill we face. And yet we promote it – actively promote it - as a matter of public policy.”

America Has A Major Fatherlessness Problem On Its Hands

5:45 PM 03/19/2018

After yet another school shooting, which we all knew would eventually happen, the connection between fatherlessness and school shooters has finally been seriously exposed.  Several videos, discussing the links between fatherlessness and school shooters, generated over ten million views and articles drew an unprecedented level of interest.  

Where Fatherlessness Manifests Into Violence

8:40 AM 02/27/2018

Twenty months ago, I wrote “Republicans Should Man Up on Fatherlessness”.  Being extremely familiar with the horrifying burden fatherlessness creates, the article was my attempt to shed light on the many ways our institutions, both government and corporate, create fatherless children and diminish the institute of fatherhood.  

When Phyllis Schlafly Agreed With The Far Left

11:54 PM 09/11/2016

Since her passing, we’ve seen the typical media response in summarizing the life and accomplishments of Phyllis Schlafly.  Those who loved her politics praised her achievements, those who loathed her politics denigrated her beliefs or tried to re-write history, as if her work was irrelevant.  Sadly, this isn’t surprising, given the polarized nature of US politics.  But nowhere have we seen the indisputable fact that at times, Phyllis Schlafly and the far left agreed.  As controversy sells more newspapers, that too is unsurprising, but if we’re interested in having the best public policy, perhaps opposite ends of the political spectrum agreeing is an event deserving of more attention.  

Republicans Should Man Up On Fatherlessness

1:58 PM 06/17/2016

For decades, Republicans have preached they’re “Pro-Family," espousing traditional marriage as best. Emboldened by studies showing children fare best in intact families, and fearing the religious right, the message was simple: Marriage is best, so get married and stay married. But those interested in public policy know, positions need to withstand three tests: they should be reviewed for effectiveness, be comprehensive and stand up to rigorous critique.  Republican policy fails all three.