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Shock study: getting rid of crappy teachers improves student performance

The Miami Herald
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Dozens of struggling Miami-Dade schools benefited in recent years from the forced transfers of hundreds of teachers, according to newly published research.

Eye surgeon linked with Sen. Bob Menendez frequently prescribed expensive drug, billed Medicare

9:33 PM 02/07/2013

A federal criminal investigation into a West Palm Beach eye surgeon with close ties to a U.S. senator centers on the doctor’s billing of Medicare for millions of dollars to treat elderly patients suffering vision loss who may not have needed the costly services he administered, The Miami Herald has learned.

Watchdogs: Sen. Bob Menendez’s ties to one-time Miami aide and FBI-probed donor ‘raises eyebrows’

3:02 AM 02/07/2013

Even by Washington standards, Sen. Bob Menendez’s ties to a former aide, a South Florida donor and an overseas port deal that could benefit the two looks unusually cozy, ethics watchdogs say.

Menendez-Univision links may have influenced positive media coverage

2:46 PM 02/06/2013

When Univision interviewed a woman it suggested was named in a prostitution scandal tied to Sen. Bob Menendez, the Spanish-language powerhouse network didn’t disclose how it determined if this woman was even the right person.

In Dominican Republic seaside village, a virtual supermarket of sex

12:31 PM 02/03/2013

BOCA CHICA, Dominican Republic -- By day, Italian tourists pack the beach of this Caribbean seafront village. By night, prostitutes fill its streets.