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Tony Katz
Tony Katz
Host, "The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular"
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      Tony Katz

      Tony Katz is the host of the daily radio show “The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular” on the All Patriots Media Network. He’s also a Los Angeles tea party organizer and speaker.

OWS supporters are doing a poor job of convincing me that they’re not anti-Semites

In a Wednesday appearance on the Russia Today television network, I discussed the violent confrontations between police officers and Occupy Wall Street protesters earlier this week in Oakland, California. I made it clear that I don’t condone police brutality. In fact, I am vehemently opposed to an oppressive police state. I also explained that though I disagree with the protesters’ radical agenda, I agree that cronyism is a real problem. Government should not be in the business of picking winners and losers on Wall Street, Main Street or any other street.