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Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins
President, Family Research Council
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      Tony Perkins

      Tony Perkins, a Marine Corps veteran, is President of the Family Research Council. Tony is a member of the National Advisory Committee of Pass the Balanced Budget Amendment.

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s bullying tactics

Bullying is not a new phenomenon; it’s as old as man. But bullying has reached a point of near-epidemic proportions, with one in four children experiencing bullying and up to 35 percent of the U.S. workforce reporting being bullied at work. Bullying is wrong, and should have no defenders.

Santorum’s surge shows importance of social issues in 2012

6:01 PM 02/08/2012

The attacks on America’s core values are surging — and so is a Republican candidate who’s defending them. After a week that witnessed everything from the toppling of California’s marriage law to the savaging of religious freedom, voters yesterday gave a resounding victory to a Republican candidate who appears to understand these insults best: a lifelong social conservative who stands in starkest contrast to the president’s aggressive social agenda. In a stunning three-state sweep of yesterday’s GOP contests, Senator Rick Santorum proved that he can harness the country’s anger and use it as momentum for the values he’s been highlighting all along.

Pro-lifers versus a runaway diesel

10:25 AM 04/13/2011

Those familiar with small boat operations know what happens when a diesel engine malfunctions and begins to suck in fuel and oxygen uncontrollably. It accelerates beyond all control. This runaway diesel has to be stopped. Unless it is stopped, it explodes. Boating safety courses teach us to take a life jacket, a towel, even a T-shirt, and jam it into the diesel’s air intake to avoid catastrophe.

Conservatives must not waver on principles

11:45 AM 02/10/2011

CPAC has a long history of being a showcase for conservatism’s brightest stars and most important priorities. Yet the inclusion of organizations that are working to undermine core conservative principles, even as sponsoring members of the event, has resulted in many longtime participants withdrawing from this year’s CPAC.

The state of our unions

5:00 PM 01/26/2011

On Wednesday night the president discussed his perspective on the state of the Union. If you were looking for inspiration and innovation, you were likely very disappointed, as you heard the same message as last year -- throwing federal money at our problems. The spending proposals were offered under the guise of job creation. However, any worthy economist will tell you that the best way for government to create jobs is to get out of the way of the American spirit.