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Rob Reiner Made An Anti George W. Bush Movie With An All-Star Cast -- Here's How It Fared At The Box Office

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'Not a misprint'

As Her Party Scrambles For Unity, Rising Star Ocasio-Cortez Seeks To Oust Another Legacy Democrat

Politics | Virginia Kruta
Willing to undermine well-established Democrats

San Francisco's New Mayor Doubles Down On Sanctuary Policy, Takes Aim At Trump

US | Virginia Kruta
'We don't put children in cages'

CNN Compares Trump's NATO Tone To 'I Know You Are, But What Am I?'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'We saw it during the campaign'

CNN Questions Uncomfortable NATO 'Family Photo': 'Is It Still The World Order?'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'Who's the crazy uncle here?'

CNN's Cillizza Said Trump's SCOTUS Pick Was So 'Remarkably Predictable' That He Predicted It Wrong

Media | Virginia Kruta

George Clooney Recovering After Being Thrown From Motorbike In Italy

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
Escorted to the hospital by local police

Dershowitz Tells CNN New SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh 'Should Read The Constitution'

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'He's dead wrong'

NBC Reporter Alleges Kavanaugh Pick Was 'Baked For A While'

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'In negotiations for months'

CNN's Acosta Takes Shot At Trump, Only Proves He's Actually Vetting His SCOTUS Candidates

Politics | Virginia Kruta
Somebody call 9-1-1!

Nigel Farage Will Come Back To Fight On The Front Lines If 'Sellouts' Derail Brexit

World | Virginia Kruta
'My own red line'

Pro-Choice Orgs Go All In On Hysteria Before Trump Even Names His SCOTUS Nominee

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'The threat to Roe is real, and it's here now'

‘Reliable Sources’ Does Full Segment Aimed At Exposing The Trump/Fox News Bromance

Media | Virginia Kruta
'This is new. And it's weird'

Tomi Lahren Irritates Conservatives With SCOTUS Assessment: It 'Would Be A Huge Mistake' To Overturn Roe

Media | Virginia Kruta
'Do we really want to fight for this'

NBC Hands Warren A Safety Net, Gives Her An Excuse To Refuse DNA Test

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'not widely accepted as proof of tribal citizenship'

The Violence Escalates: Man Punched In The Face Over Trump Flag In His Yard

Politics | Virginia Kruta
That escalated quickly

'Army Discharging Immigrants' Story May Not Be The Outrage It's Cracked Up To Be

Defense | Virginia Kruta
There's a lot of information missing

WaPo Cartoon Uses Desperate Thai Children Trapped In Cave To Attack Trump

US | Virginia Kruta
Not a good look

Trump's Gift To Kim Jong Un Tells You Everything About His Sense Of Humor

Politics | Virginia Kruta
It's a sign of how far things have come

'Morning Joe' Makes Fun Of Alan Dershowitz, Says He Deserves Martha's Vineyard Blowback

Media | Virginia Kruta
'Not getting invited, poor thing'

Awkward Silence Takes Over 'Morning Joe' When Scarborough Predicts SCOTUS Nominee

Media | Virginia Kruta
'So you're saying he's going to pick the man'

Fox Host Belts Out National Anthem That Will Bring Red, White And Blue Tears To Your Eyes

US | Virginia Kruta
'How lucky I am to have been born in this great country'

Sen. Chuck Schumer Celebrates Abortion For July Fourth Holiday

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'I am celebrating the FREEDOM of women'

Happy Independence Day From America's Armed Forces

Military | Virginia Kruta
'What better way to celebrate freedom'

Former OSU Wrestler: 'Jim Knew About ... Deviant Sexual Atmosphere'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'We all had conversations'

Pro-Immigrant Ad Uses Reagan And Targets Trump — But The First Four Words Step All Over Its Own Argument

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Make America great by welcoming immigrants again'

Hillary Staffer Attacks Trump Voters And Alan Dershowitz, Makes Bizarre Reference To Judaism

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'I bet they’d welcome you'

ICE In Pictures: This Is What Some Democrats Are Trying To Abolish

US | Virginia Kruta
'ICE has taken an active role'

Schumer Shows His Cards, Rips Into Potential SCOTUS Nominee He Fears Most

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'She passed his “litmus test”'

ABC News Questions Legitimacy Of Possible Trump SCOTUS Pick Because His Twitter Jokes Supposedly Raise 'Questions Of Judicial Impartiality'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'odd social media habits'

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