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William J. Murphy
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      William J. Murphy

      Dr. William J. Murphy is an Associate Professor of Social Science at the New England Institute of Technology where he teaches courses on Terrorism and National Security, American Government, and Economics. He is also a Policy Advisor with the Center for Constitutional Reform at the Heartland Institute. He can be reached at @wjmurphy2.

Politically Opportunistic Attempts To Gut U.S. Shipping Laws Are Jeopardizing National Security And The Economy

cargo ship Shutterstock/Mr Kosal

Americans should be alarmed by recent calls for repeal of the Jones Act, a 1920 law requiring that merchant vessels navigating between U.S. ports must be manufactured and flagged in the U.S., owned and operated by American companies, and crewed by American citizens. Passed in the wake of World War I to ensure that the United States maintained a vital sea transport capacity in the event of future conflict, the law has been vital to U.S. national security and economic strength for almost 100 years. 

Politicized Mishandling of Russian Cyberattacks Undermines Long-Term Security

11:47 PM 01/10/2017

The Obama Administration’s politicized mishandling of the Russian-orchestrated email hack of U.S. political organizations has distracted from even larger Kremlin cyber threats to American interests. Mr. Obama’s partisan clumsiness has fomented mistrust and confusion among Americans, undermining the ability of the U.S. to formulate an effective response to these dangers.