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Obama: Laws, Schmaws

President Barack Obama laughs at a joke during the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner in Washington May 3, 2014. (REUTERS/Joshua Roberts)

You'll read and hear a lot of words expended on Obama's executive amnesty, but here's what it boils down to: If he can get what he wants via legal or quasi-legal means, fine. He'll hammer a square peg into a round hole until it just about fits, and then he'll claim the hole was square all along.

House Of Cosbys

10:01 AM 11/21/2014

The following comes from Channel101.com, a comedy site created by Dan Harmon (Community, being even tougher to work with than Chevy Chase, etc.) and Rob Schrab. It's a very silly cartoon about a guy who figures out how to make clones of Bill Cosby, each with some particular trait. Basically, it was an excuse for a bunch of nerds to do their crappy Cosby impressions, build a goofy story around it, and animate it. It was a loving (if twisted) homage to a comedian they'd all grown up with.

World’s Cutest Panda Loves The Snow!

11:27 AM 11/20/2014

Got a case of the winter blahs already? Is living in Utopia getting you down? Just plain bummed?Then you know what time it is: It's Panda Time!!!

Sen. Elizabeth Warren appears at the Senate Banking Housing and Urban Affairs Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington Feb. 27, 2014.  (REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

Elizabeth Warren Shuts Down Fellow Native American On Senate Floor

10:19 AM 11/20/2014

As we all know, Elizabeth Warren is a Native American when it suits her. She's glad to use her purported heritage when it's to her advantage. But as you're about to see, she'll cast it aside in an instant when it embarrasses her.

Bill Cosby stars as Hilton Lucas on COSBY.  1996. Photo cr: Tony Esparza/CBS. Copyright CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved. 85581039

From 1969: Bill Cosby On ‘Spanish Fly’

12:55 PM 11/19/2014

I am officially an agnostic regarding the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. It doesn't sound good, and it's getting worse by the day, but I still don't know what to believe. I don't blame anybody else for making up their minds, but I haven't yet.

A rainbow flag flies below the American flag Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010, outside City Hall in San Francisco. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)

Dear Abortion Enthusiasts: Is It Okay To Kill Your Baby In The Womb If He’s Gay?

11:54 AM 11/19/2014

If there's one thing we know for sure about our moral, ethical, and intellectual betters on the left, it's that they f***ing love science. But sometimes scientific advancement raises some rather thorny questions. Especially if you're too smart to really believe in anything.

A QuikTrip convenience store burns during a night of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri August 10, 2014.   REUTERS/Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT

Ferguson Protester Wants To Target People Who ‘Don’t Look Like Me’

10:55 AM 11/19/2014

The following video was recorded at an "activist training session" organized by Lisa Fithian, an anarchist agitator who helped make events like the 1999 WTO meeting and Occupy Wall Street so very peaceful. In this clip, one young woman makes her motives very clear.

Grubergate Explained

5:21 PM 11/18/2014

It's only been a week since Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare's one-man wrecking crew, started sweating his gonads off. Almost every day, somebody uncovers yet another Gruber soundbite about how lying in service of Obamacare is awesome, and if you believed any of it, you're dumb. For this service and his other forms of fraud, the feds and several states have thrown millions of dollars at Gruber.

U.S. President Barack Obama greets Reverend Al Sharpton before addressing the audience at the National Action Network's 20th annual Keepers of the Dream Awards gala in New York April 6, 2011.  REUTERS/Lucas Jackson (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR2KWG4

Al Sharpton Wants Higher Taxes For Everybody But Himself

1:51 PM 11/18/2014

In fact, he doesn't want to pay taxes at all. Can you give him one good reason he should, you racist?

A QuikTrip convenience store burns during a night of rioting in Ferguson, Missouri August 10, 2014.   REUTERS/Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT

FBI Racists Predict: Ferguson’s Reaction To Grand Jury Decision On Darren Wilson Will Be Mostly Peaceful, AKA Violent

10:54 AM 11/18/2014

Here's yet another uplifting dispatch from the post-racial America of 2014.

U.S. President Barack Obama pauses while talking about the Affordable Care Act in the Brady Press Briefing Room at the White House in Washington, November 14, 2013. Obama bowed to political pressure from his fellow Democrats on Thursday and announced a plan to let insurers renew for one year the health plans for Americans whose policies would be otherwise canceled due to Obamacare. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS HEALTH TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY) - RTX15DNW

Obama Said ‘Pull Up Every Clip’ About Obamacare, So Somebody Did [VIDEO]

3:18 PM 11/17/2014

Well, only about one minute's worth of clips, but that's all you need. If you just woke up from a six-year coma and this is the first thing you're seeing, it tells you everything you need to know about Obama's regard for the truth.

Nurse Kaci Hickox (L) joined by her boyfriend Ted Wilbur speak with the media outside of their home in Fort Kent, Maine October 31, 2014.  REUTERS/Joel Page

Ebola Nurse Demands That You Stop Calling Her ‘Ebola Nurse’

12:34 PM 11/17/2014

Kaci Hickox is not the Ebola Nurse, says Ebola Nurse Kaci Hickox. She is now insisting that the nickname must observe a voluntary quarantine, or else she will keep complaining about it.

              FILE - In this May 12, 2009, file photo Jonathan Gruber, professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, participates in a Capitol Hill hearing on the overhaul of the heath care system in Washington. A supporter of the Affordable Care Act, Gruber says,

Obama on Gruber: I Only Knew Him Well Enough To Say Hello Around The Obamacare Meeting Table [VIDEO]

11:54 AM 11/17/2014

Which liar is lying about Jonathan Gruber's role in Obamacare, Gruber or Obama?

Congratulations, Feminists: You Got The Comet-Landing Scientist With The Ugly Shirt To Cry On Camera

3:06 PM 11/14/2014

That's what this tool of the patriarchy gets for wearing an item of clothing that did not meet with your exacting standards, girls. Sure, he landed a goddamn space probe on a freaking comet, but in doing so, he angered you even more than usual. How dare he?

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Hartford on April 8, 2013 in West Hartford, Connecticut. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Past Obama Vs. Present Obama On: Executive Amnesty

10:11 AM 11/14/2014

Thanks to our friends at the Washington Free Beacon for reminding Barack Obama that yes, we do remember the things he has said in public, in front of cameras and microphones and all that pesky stuff.

This Is Who They Are. This Is What They Do.

9:28 AM 11/14/2014

Presented without further comment:

              Arkansas Gov. Mike Beebe is interviewed in a hallway at the Arkansas state Capitol in Little Rock, Ark., Monday, March 4, 2013, after vetoing legislation that would have banned abortions 12 weeks into a pregnancy. (AP Photo/Danny Johnston)

Arkansas Gov. Beebe (D) To Pardon Kyle Beebe (Son)

4:14 PM 11/13/2014

There's been some controversy about the song "Fortunate Son" this week.* And now we have a real-life example, courtesy of the Democrats.

Pelosi Doesn’t Know If You’re Familiar With Jonathan Gruber, But She Sure Isn’t

1:55 PM 11/13/2014

Nancy Pelosi on Jonathan Gruber, 11/5/09:

Scientist Lands Space Probe On Comet While Wearing Ugly Shirt

11:28 AM 11/13/2014

Ever notice that when the human race makes history, it's always phrased as a victory for MANkind? "One giant leap for MANkind." "MANkind's first civilization." "Check out MANkind falling through the roof during that brutal steel-cage match." Etc.