Jim Treacher

Donald Trump To Gawker: Sorry, Wrong Number

I don't like Donald Trump almost as much as I don't like Gawker. I thought Trump was a jerk to give out the phone number of somebody who criticized him. I also think Gawker is a bad website for bad people. So, either way the following item had gone, I wouldn't have minded the outcome. I don't mind this outcome.

Here’s Another Planned Parenthood Video The Abortion Enthusiasts Don’t Want You To See

10:48 AM 08/04/2015

The Senate Democrats who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood yesterday haven't watched any of the videos from the Center for Medical Progress. But they can't keep you from watching them. Yet.

Ted Cruz Likes Guns, Bacon, Trolling Democrats

5:28 PM 08/03/2015

I'm not a huge fan of these sorts of please-make-this-viral videos, but this one's okay. At least this time Ted Cruz isn't doing characters from The Simpsons. And I appreciate any wacky-Republican video that doesn't feature Lindsey Graham.

Hillary 2016: Obama Defeated Her In ’08, Plus She Was Born Of Woman

2:20 PM 08/03/2015

In honor of Robot Day here at the DC Trawler, check out one of Hillary Clinton's first two TV ads of the 2016 presidential campaign:

Don’t Call Illegal Immigrants ‘Illegal Immigrants’ On Twitter, Or You’ll Be ‘Corrected’ By A Robot

12:46 PM 08/03/2015

It's a bad day for the machines that want to control us. First HitchBOT got what was coming to it, and now, free-thinking humans are fighting back against yet another robot.

Humans Victorious Over Hitchhiking Robot

10:00 AM 08/03/2015

It's good to see that Kyle Reese didn't die in vain.*

White Man Throws Starbucks Drink At Black Men; Media Praises Him

6:01 PM 07/31/2015

Check your privilege. Black lives matter.

Libs Sure Are Worried About This Benghazi Movie, Huh?

2:15 PM 07/31/2015

I haven't seen a Michael Bay movie since Armageddon. This is because I saw Armageddon. That was enough Michael Bay to last me a couple of decades. But 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi looks interesting, for a number of reasons.

James Woods Is Suing Somebody On Twitter For $10 Million

10:53 AM 07/31/2015

I like James Woods. He's a great actor and an even greater American. Coming out as a conservative in Hollywood couldn't have been easy, and I was glad to see him join Twitter a few years back and start openly expressing his opinions.

Ed Schultz (MSNBC Screenshot)

MSNBC Cancels Three Of Its Awful, Awful Shows

5:54 PM 07/30/2015

Schadenfreude is an ugly emotion, and I can't tell you how ashamed I am to feel it in every fiber of my being as I savor this wonderful news.

For An Older Lady, Hillary Clinton Sure Can Dodge

4:08 PM 07/30/2015

Questions, that is!

‘And Another Boy!': Fourth Planned Parenthood Video Is The Most Disturbing Yet

2:17 PM 07/30/2015

Unless you have an emotional and/or financial interest in killing babies, you're not buying Planned Parenthood's excuses for the utterly devastating videos that have put abortion enthusiasts on defense. No, it's not about "donating fetal tissue." It's not about "protecting women's health." It's about killing people who can't defend themselves, selling their organs, and lying about it.

It Must Be Fun To Work At Rolling Stone These Days

9:50 AM 07/30/2015

What happens when you falsely accuse people of rape in a national magazine? Not good things. Not good things at all.

American flag (Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio)

I’m Proud To Be An [REDACTED], Where At Least I Know I’m Free

4:06 PM 07/29/2015

If you hate accuracy in language, you could have a rewarding career in academia. Universities are doing their best to protect their students from dangerous thoughts and ideas by controlling the words they use. Words like "American."

I Wasn’t Sure What To Think Of The Iran Deal Until I Listened To Jack Black

12:59 PM 07/29/2015

He's got a Frisbee, and he's not afraid to use it.

Hillary Clinton Will Answer Your Question When She’s President

10:51 AM 07/29/2015

Hillary Clinton is all about "green energy." Sort of. She's like the guy in that Ryan Reynolds movie, except her superpower is avoiding the truth.

A man waves a rainbow flag while observing a gay pride parade in San Francisco, California June 28, 2015. REUTERS/Elijah Nouvelage

Reno, NV Flies LGBT Flag In Place Of Stars & Stripes; Mayor Apologizes

4:28 PM 07/28/2015

Yesterday I told you about an upcoming gay pride parade in Stockholm that's raising the ire of both Muslims and, strangely enough, gay rights activists. You see, it's racist for gays to flaunt their fabulousness in front of religious people, unless they're Christians.

Here’s Another Video For Planned Parenthood To Lie About

10:46 AM 07/28/2015

It looks like we can expect a new Planned Parenthood exposé every Tuesday. On Monday nights, Cecile Richards might want to take an Ambien.

U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he boards Air Force One for travel to Kenya and Ethiopia from Joint Base Andrews, Maryland July 23, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Obama Born In Kenya

8:51 AM 07/28/2015

No, no, I don't mean Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States. When he claimed to have been born in Kenya, he was lying. Remember?