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      Betsy Rothstein

      Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Betsy has been covering and torturing Washington media for the past three years. Early on she studied journalism in England, interviewing punk rockers in Piccadilly Square who stole her notebook and ripped it up. After graduating from Union College with a B.A. in Spanish, she began her journalism career in Cambridge, Mass., working for a Cuban newspaper where she conducted man-on-the-street interviews. She asked Latinos about their love lives. “Do Latinos make better lovers or what?” She soon moved out west to Denver, where she worked for two rival Hispanic weeklies for one year each. Next stop: J-school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned a master’s degree. In the years following grad school she worked at the Boca Raton News as a business reporter followed by a brief stint as a press secretary for former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.). She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper. In 2009 she quit and moved to Portland, Ore. and wrote about the many long-haired men there who distinctly resemble Jesus. They weren’t all kind (one was fat and confrontational) but she got her story. Prior to joining TheDC, Betsy was the editor of FishbowlDC, a Washington media gossip blog.

Montel Threatens O’Reilly After Host Blasts Him For Being A ‘Coward’ [VIDEO]

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Montel Williams is learning the hard way that being a press whore isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Barney Frank: Biden Did Not Run For President Because He Didn't Think He Could Win [screenshot ABC]

SPOTTED: Is That A Spare Tire Under Barney Frank’s Button Down?

9:07 PM 07/21/2016

Ex-Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) has always been something of a slob.

A driver displays Uber and Lyft ride sharing signs in his car windscreen in Santa Monica, California, U.S., May 23, 2016.  REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson/Files

Cleveland Is A Hot Mess

8:28 PM 07/21/2016

About 50,000 people have flooded Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this week, and  apparently not every trip has been going as smoothly as desired. Uber and Lyft both encouraged locals to sign up to increase their fleet of cars on the road, so hopefully everyone's ride arrived eventually.

Bath Time

8:11 PM 07/21/2016

The Republican National Convention will finally be over after tonight, and it looks like we got some company in Cleveland from the boys at Saturday Night Live's "Weekend Update" feature on Wednesday night. Hadas Gold reported for Politico that the special edition was brought in to give SNL fans something to chomp on as the show is on summer hiatus during convention season. It'll be back next Wednesday for the DNC, so stay tuned.

Morning Mirror — The RNC Edition Day 4

9:35 AM 07/21/2016


The Daily Milo: #FreeMilo Special

8:14 PM 07/20/2016

In a TRAGIC loss to the conservative community, Twitter community, and entire Internet, Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos was permanently banned from the platform following an altercation with Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones. I'm too upset to form coherent sentences about it, but will happily feature some of the most poignant and passionate tributes to our fallen star.

Bath Time

6:40 PM 07/20/2016

Good afternoon, happy Convention Day Three, and a reminder to bust out the Purell for all you convention attendees.

Afternoon Mirror — The RNC Edition Day 3

2:18 PM 07/20/2016


Melania Trump, Anderson Cooper CNN interview Screen Shot 2-29-2016

Bad Lip Reading Takes On Melania’s Speech [VIDEO]

1:29 PM 07/20/2016

The good folks over at Bad Lip Reading have tackled the Melania Trump plagiarism debacle in the most spectacular way possible. They've blessed the world with a side-by-side show with first lady Michelle Obama.

Photo by Grae Stafford.

Cleveland Bar Offers Liquid Hate

1:04 PM 07/20/2016

CLEVELAND – If you really despise Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton with every fiber of your being and want just to drink the awfulness away until the end of Thursday, here are some options.

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump greets his wife Melania on stage at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. July 18, 2016. REUTERS/Jim Young

Trump Staffer Takes Blame For Melania Speech

12:47 PM 07/20/2016

The long, dramatic national mystery is over. Well, sort of.

The Daily Milo: Milo Reads Between The Lines

12:38 AM 07/20/2016

Daily thoughts of a self-described "dangerous faggot."

NPR ‘Morning Edition’ Host Quits For Saner Hours

2:44 PM 07/19/2016

Renee Montagne has called it quits from NPR's early morning "Morning Edition" job.

Bath Time

2:23 PM 07/19/2016

Happy Convention, everyone! Most of the Daily Caller staff is in Cleveland so while the cat's away, the mice (interns) will's what you need to read:

Morning Mirror — The RNC Edition Day 2

11:23 AM 07/19/2016


Frank Luntz Tries To Beat His Focus Group Into Submission

10:43 AM 07/19/2016

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- A Frank Luntz focus group of 27 undecided moderate voters convened Sunday in an ugly office park studio to answer a question most refused to answer: Who are they voting for? Many emerged more confused, utterly exhausted and beaten down after three hours of answering Luntz's relentless questions, watching campaign ads and turning his dials than they were before the whole thing began.

Melania Trump, Anderson Cooper CNN interview Screen Shot 2-29-2016

So Melania Trump Plagiarized Part Of Her Speech

1:08 AM 07/19/2016

Several lines of Melania Trump's speech Monday night were lifted from a speech Michelle Obama gave about Barack Obama in 2008.

The Daily Milo: Milo Strips Down At The RNC

6:58 PM 07/18/2016

CLEVELAND -- On Monday, the first day of the RNC, Breitbart News Tech Editor Milo Yiannopoulos went to a park and ripped off his bulletproof vest. His remaining attire: black T-shirt, skinny black pants, bleach blond hair and aviator sunglasses.

Morning Mirror — The RNC Edition

10:05 AM 07/18/2016