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      Betsy Rothstein

      Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Betsy has been covering and torturing Washington media for the past three years. Early on she studied journalism in England, interviewing punk rockers in Piccadilly Square who stole her notebook and ripped it up. After graduating from Union College with a B.A. in Spanish, she began her journalism career in Cambridge, Mass., working for a Cuban newspaper where she conducted man-on-the-street interviews. She asked Latinos about their love lives. “Do Latinos make better lovers or what?” She soon moved out west to Denver, where she worked for two rival Hispanic weeklies for one year each. Next stop: J-school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned a master’s degree. In the years following grad school she worked at the Boca Raton News as a business reporter followed by a brief stint as a press secretary for former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.). She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper. In 2009 she quit and moved to Portland, Ore. and wrote about the many long-haired men there who distinctly resemble Jesus. They weren’t all kind (one was fat and confrontational) but she got her story. Prior to joining TheDC, Betsy was the editor of FishbowlDC, a Washington media gossip blog.

‘Fire And Fury’ Has A New Enemy. So Where Is Michael Wolff?

c/o Eddie Scarry.

The Mirror caught up with The Washington Examiner's media writer Eddie Scarry this weekend to pick his brain about his first book, Fraud and Fiction: The Real Truth Behind Fire and Fury, Inside the Trump White House. Released last week, it's a 100-page bloodbath on the book that put Michael Wolff on the map, which is, of course, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.


Dr. Phil Absurdly Makes Anthony Scaramucci A Relationship Expert

10:13 PM 03/11/2018

In a puzzling appearance on OWN's "Dr. Phil" this week, former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci got off easy from a host who typically gnaws on his guests' eyeballs for breakfast.


U.S. News & World Report Kills Its Opinion Section [Internal Memo]

11:59 AM 03/09/2018

Talk about burying the lede.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JANUARY 16: Author Michael Wolff discusses his controversial book on the Trump administration titled

Separated At Birth: Gossipy Author Michael Wolff

2:44 PM 03/07/2018

Fire and Fury author Michael Wolff has received worldwide attention for the juicy gossip unleashed on Washington in his bombshell book.


We Watch CNN’s Terrible Media Show So You Don’t Have To (03-04-18)

1:15 PM 03/04/2018

LOUNGING ON A GRAY SOFA IN WASHINGTON –– CNN host Brian Stelter started out his Sunday show this week saying we wouldn’t be discussing the press, but rather, what it’s like for a consumer to watch the news.


We Watch CNN’s Terrible Media Show So You Don’t Have To (02-25-18)

1:00 PM 02/25/2018

A GRAY AND RAINY DAY IN DC — The human-egg hybrid that is CNN "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter wants us to take a trip with him to "President Trump's Fantasyland."

Getty Images/Paula Lobo

Mika Brzezinski Acts Like Joe Scarborough Has Cooties [VIDEO]

3:26 PM 02/06/2018

If MSNBC TV couple Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski are trying to give SNL something to sketch about, they just need to act like they did Tuesday morning. Which is to say: satire-worthy.


Meghan McCain May Loathe Trump But She’s Got A Soft Spot For Melania

1:05 PM 02/06/2018

Talk show host Meghan McCain often looks pained and tortured as the conservative-ish personality on ABC's "The View." She presents the righty viewpoint, but one that involves a seething hatred for President Trump, which is -- of course -- why the ladies can usually stomach her.


Congresswoman Insists She Wasn’t Playing Candy Crush During State Of Union Address

11:21 PM 02/05/2018

The last thing Rep. Brenda Lawrence (D-Mich.) was expecting at Reagan National Airport Sunday night was being approached by a member of the Washington paparazzi.


We Watch CNN’s Terrible ‘Media’ Show So You Don’t Have To

3:52 PM 02/04/2018

UNDER THE COVERS – Am I blind? I’m pretty sure CNN “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter got a haircut since I saw him on last week's program. And he barely has hair.  Or a neck for that matter. But let’s put those mean, petty things aside for now.


We Watch CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ So You Don’t Have To (1-28-18)

1:00 PM 01/28/2018

A TAN LEATHER ARMCHAIR IN AN UNDISCLOSED LIVING ROOM IN WASHINGTON –Everyone has pale, fat-faced days in the world of TV. And Brian Stelter, host of “Reliable Sources,” is having one. Attention CNN makeup artists: Bronzing powder?

TV screenshot.

NYT’s Charles Blow’s Vain Bathroom Videos Are Everything [VIDEO]

6:04 PM 01/17/2018

Does New York Times liberal columnist Charles Blow have freckles?


We Watch CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ So You Don’t Have To (1-14-18)

12:43 PM 01/14/2018

A Plush Gray Sofa In Washington, D.C.– Buckle up. This week, host Brian Stelter gets philosophical. "If this is who President Trump is, who are we? What is the role of the press at a moment like this?"

Morning Mirror: Women Give Author Of ‘Sh**** Media Men’ Spreadsheet A Big Kiss

11:01 AM 01/11/2018

Quote of the Day:


Rep. Schiff: Dressing For The Job He Wants? [VIDEO]

10:19 PM 01/10/2018

They say you shouldn't dress you have, you should dress for the job you want.

Ronan Farrow Says Childhood Abuse Helped Him Bring Down Harvey Weinstein

3:42 PM 01/10/2018

Ronan Farrow, who helped break open Harvey Weinstein secret life as a sexual harasser, says his own experience of abuse paved the way.


Actor Snaps Fingers And Washington Post Changes Its Headline

2:28 PM 01/10/2018

The Washington Post wrote a story about Kumail Nanjiani and his new movie, The Big Sick.

Afternoon Mirror: ‘Fire And Fury’ Author Michael Wolff Says NYT Is Jealous

12:58 PM 01/10/2018

Quote of the Day:

Morning Mirror: Mika Brzezinski Should Be Exiled To France

12:11 PM 01/09/2018

Quote of the Day: