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Betsy Rothstein
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      Betsy Rothstein

      Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Betsy has been covering and torturing Washington media for the past three years. Early on she studied journalism in England, interviewing punk rockers in Piccadilly Square who stole her notebook and ripped it up. After graduating from Union College with a B.A. in Spanish, she began her journalism career in Cambridge, Mass., working for a Cuban newspaper where she conducted man-on-the-street interviews. She asked Latinos about their love lives. “Do Latinos make better lovers or what?” She soon moved out west to Denver, where she worked for two rival Hispanic weeklies for one year each. Next stop: J-school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned a master’s degree. In the years following grad school she worked at the Boca Raton News as a business reporter followed by a brief stint as a press secretary for former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.). She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper. In 2009 she quit and moved to Portland, Ore. and wrote about the many long-haired men there who distinctly resemble Jesus. They weren’t all kind (one was fat and confrontational) but she got her story. Prior to joining TheDC, Betsy was the editor of FishbowlDC, a Washington media gossip blog.

Is WaPo’s Wesley Lowery Skeptical Of His Colleagues’ Reporting?

Wesley Lowery

Oh Wesley Lowery. Really can't get enough of this guy.

Law Blogger Makes Sexy Excuse For Yale Grad

8:19 PM 10/22/2014
"He's kinda cute"

Is Chuck Todd ‘Obsessed’ With Fox News?

7:17 PM 10/22/2014

NBC's new ginger-haired host of "Meet the Press" Chuck Todd has been making the rounds as of late, giving interviews to entities that represent all ends of the political spectrum. He talked to the rabidly right-leaning Breitbart News. And today, oddly enough, he lays out the "balancing act" of NBC's flagship Sunday show for Media Matters, an organ of the Democratic Party that has no balance and spends every breath of its being trying to snuff out Fox News.

Incest Desk: Mika And Joe Are Good Friends With Valerie Jarrett, Didn’t Cha Know?

1:37 PM 10/22/2014

Here's the thing. If you want to privately tell someone you like that you hope they feel better, you send flowers or a fruit basket by calling up FTD. Yes, FTD does scrumptious fresh fruit baskets as well as flowers.

High five, Getty Images

CNN’s Jeff Zucker Issues Surprising Feel Good Memo

1:06 PM 10/22/2014

After a slew of layoffs in recent weeks, CNN President Jeff Zucker has issued the feel good memo of the year. Because don't people need to be reassured that everything's okay as their colleagues pack up their belongings? Guess it's better than taking hallway selfies, but what do I know?

Morning Mirror

8:51 AM 10/22/2014

Quote of the Day: 

CNN Host’s Wife Takes Hallway Selfies As Laid Off Staffers Pack Up

3:01 PM 10/21/2014

Emmy-nominated traffic anchor for NY1, Jamie Stelter -- the wife of CNN "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter -- may be ripe for an insensitivity award.

U.S. President Barack Obama demonstrates a story of survival by placing his fingers over an artery and using a cell phone while speaking at the University of Colorado Hospital after he met with families bereaved after a gunman went on a shooting rampage at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado July 22, 2012. Obama headed to Aurora, Colorado, on Sunday to meet families grieving their losses Friday's mass shooting that has stunned the nation and rekindled debate about guns and violence in America. REUTERS/Larry Downing  (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS CRIME LAW) - RTR357LZ

Obama Responds To Jealous Boyfriend Like A P-I-M-P

1:40 PM 10/21/2014

How many times does a Commander in Chief get to act like a player? If you're President Obama, just about never.

Washington Post Columnist Seriously Injures Himself While Dancing To MJ’s ‘ABC’

1:34 PM 10/21/2014

Washington Post columnist Clinton Yates had a weekend he won't soon forget. He laughed. He cried. He danced. He sliced open his hand and waited too long–more than 12 hours–to get it checked by doctors.

Morning Mirror

8:37 AM 10/21/2014

Quote of the Day:

Josh Rogin and Eli Lake To Leave Daily Beast Womb

9:46 PM 10/20/2014

When it's time to leave the belly of the beast, you just know.

US President Barack Obama pauses while speaking to the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials during their annual conference at the Walt Disney World Resort June 22, 2012 in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/GettyImages)

Nobody Does Fried Chicken And President Obama Like Bloomberg Politics

9:12 PM 10/20/2014

In what may well be the exact polar opposite of finger lickin' good, Bloomberg Politics has written the most obviously insensitive promotional tweet of the year to promote a story on what President Obama's chef fries.

U.S. journalist James Foley speaks at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications in Evanston, Illinois, after being released from imprisonment in Libya, in this 2011 handout photo provided by Northwestern University. REUTERS/Tommy Giglio/Northwestern University/Handout via Reuters

Parents of Slain Journalist James Foley Come To Washington

6:32 PM 10/20/2014

The parents of James Foley, the first American citizen to be beheaded by ISIS in Syria in August, are coming to Washington to receive an award on their son's behalf at the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Black Journo Group Says CNN Was Crystal Clear: ‘Consider Your Request Denied’

5:31 PM 10/20/2014

In the weeks following communication between Bob Butler, president of the National Association of Black Journalists, and CNN, it seems like something was lost in translation. Or else CNN was lying.

The Nation’s Top Male Journos Bitch About Cosi (Seriously)

2:41 PM 10/20/2014

If I weren't so grateful for them giving me copy, I'd really wonder about the psychological welfare of male journalists who spend any part of their weekend complaining about Cosi. Yes, we're talking the sandwich shop with the square bagels known as Squagels, and fresh-baked flatbread that comes in white and multigrain.

Businessman using computer writing blog surrounded by self improvement mottos

Someone In Texas Buys Gun Using Twitter’s Spokesman’s Credit Card

1:29 PM 10/20/2014

It's not easy being Twitter's spokesman. You have to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. And you have to be adept at giving non-answers to questions you're asked regarding Twitter.

Yahoo! News’ Chris Moody to CNN

11:56 AM 10/20/2014

Yahoo! News' Chris Moody is taking his "off-beat" reporting methods to CNN.

Politico Drags Feet On Putting Susan Glasser Atop Masthead

11:16 AM 10/20/2014

It has been one month and two days since Susan Glasser was named the first female "editor" of Politico. And the strange part? The powers that be still have not placed her name and picture in the "Executive" section of their masthead. Weirdly, someone did have time to change Danielle Jones's title to Executive VP of Expansion.

Morning Mirror

9:14 AM 10/20/2014

Quote of the Day: