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Betsy Rothstein
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      Betsy Rothstein

      Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Betsy has been covering and torturing Washington media for the past three years. Early on she studied journalism in England, interviewing punk rockers in Piccadilly Square who stole her notebook and ripped it up. After graduating from Union College with a B.A. in Spanish, she began her journalism career in Cambridge, Mass., working for a Cuban newspaper where she conducted man-on-the-street interviews. She asked Latinos about their love lives. “Do Latinos make better lovers or what?” She soon moved out west to Denver, where she worked for two rival Hispanic weeklies for one year each. Next stop: J-school at Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, where she earned a master’s degree. In the years following grad school she worked at the Boca Raton News as a business reporter followed by a brief stint as a press secretary for former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.). She spent the next decade on Capitol Hill covering hard news, features and gossip for The Hill Newspaper. In 2009 she quit and moved to Portland, Ore. and wrote about the many long-haired men there who distinctly resemble Jesus. They weren’t all kind (one was fat and confrontational) but she got her story. Prior to joining TheDC, Betsy was the editor of FishbowlDC, a Washington media gossip blog.

Politico Reporter Apologizes, Deletes Crude Bathroom Tweet


In the wake of Charlottesville, a tense Twitter spat erupted late Tuesday between a Politico reporter and a few journalists at the right-leaning The Federalist website.

April Ryan (Screenshot/CNN)

Black White House Correspondent Tells Trump To Practice Self-Control

9:06 PM 08/15/2017

In a new op-ed for Cosmopolitan mag, White House correspondent April Ryan spells out how she felt when she saw President Trump's new campaign ad, which features her as an enemy of the leader of the free world. She also gives the President a piece of unsolicited advice.


‘Joe And Mika Are Off Today’: A Common Refrain At MSNBC

12:59 PM 08/15/2017

"Joe and Mika are off today," MSNBC "Morning Joe" offspring Willie Geist announced Tuesday. He began that refrain Monday. He says his TV parents will return to the show on Thursday.

Morning Mirror: Journo Receives Threat Of ‘Revenge Porn’

9:04 AM 08/14/2017



Axios Is Getting Hammered For Publishing Rumor That McMaster Is A Lush

9:55 PM 08/13/2017

Axios frontman Jonathan Swan is the byline on a new piece that suggests National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster may be on the sauce.

Screen shot/CNN.

Andrew Kaczynski Serves As A CNN Publicist AND Reporter

6:49 PM 08/13/2017

CNN President Jeff Zucker must be as happy as a clam to learn that Andrew Kaczynski is working overtime as a CNN reporter and publicist.


Reporter Baits Fox News’ Eric Bolling: Bring On That $50 Million Lawsuit

3:12 PM 08/13/2017

All lawyered up and ready for a fight, The Huffington Post freelancer Yashar Ali says he "relishes the opportunity" for his high powered attorney to depose Fox News host Eric Bolling, who has slapped the reporter with a $50 million defamation lawsuit.

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski arrive for the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner in Washington April 25, 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst - RTX1A9XH

Joe Scarborough Tells Donny Deutsch About His ‘Uncomfortable’ Fights With Mika Brzezinski

8:36 PM 08/03/2017

In the history of dramatic "Morning Joe" bullshit, nothing was funnier than the day Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski arrived to the set for a half hour of reaction to President Trump's tweet about Mika's bloody chin.

Who is this selfie stud that we wish we could un-see? New York's own Anthony Weiner. (Photo: Reuters)

The Insider’s Guide To Anthony Weiner’s Wiener

4:34 PM 08/03/2017

Anthony Weiner's man dangle is shockingly "average."

Afternoon Mirror: Breitbart ‘London’ Bureau Chief Inflates Ego, Claims Site Is Not ‘Far Right’

12:51 PM 08/03/2017

Quote of the Day:


Site Pushes ‘Fearless Firebrand’ Journalist To Believe Her Tires Were Slashed

11:22 AM 08/03/2017

The fake news mentality over at Gateway Pundit is fierce.


THIN-SKINNED: Pol Blocks Tweeter Who Outs Him For Not Living In His District 

1:46 PM 08/02/2017

The congressman: Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-Fla.).

Morning Mirror: NYT Reporters Accuse Sarah Huckabee Sanders Of Lying

9:13 AM 08/02/2017

Quote of the Day:

Bath Time: Kim Kardashian Slapped With Lawsuit; J.K. Rowling Says JK, Sorry

10:27 PM 08/01/2017

Another one bites the dust - Corey Lewandowski is sent packing once again.

Afternoon Mirror: Breitbart’s ‘London’ Bureau Chief Is Having An Identity Crisis

4:01 PM 08/01/2017

Quote of the Day:


Recap Of ABC’s ‘The Bachelorette’: The Men Tell All

10:27 PM 07/31/2017

What do you get when you gather 30 egotistical ex-boyfriends in one room to air out their differences? ABC's 'The Bachelorette' Men Tell All.

Bath Time: ‘Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly’ Put Out Of Misery; Reality Steve Screws Up ‘Bachelorette’ Winner

9:56 PM 07/31/2017

Trump tiff - 'Chelsea Handler in Conversation with Tomi Lahren' let it all hang out at Politicon over the weekend.

c/o Jack Abramoff's publicist.

Famed Lobbyist Jack Abramoff’s Criminal Past Will Serve Him Well In New Reality Show

7:03 PM 07/31/2017

Washington's famed lobbyist Jack Abramoff will soon train people to do what he knows best -- navigate Washington's pristine marble hallways about a subject that until recently he knew little about: bitcoin.

Screen shot/CNN.

We Watch CNN Brian Stelter’s Stupid Show So You Don’t Have To

4:55 PM 07/31/2017

MY LIVING ROOM -- CNN "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter is blowing up TV screens across America in more ways than one.