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Afternoon Mirror

Writer reacquaints  himself with Gabriel Garcia Marquez

5 Dumbest Tweets of the Week

2:41 PM 04/18/2014

Cheese-filled stupidity   

Visit Michelle Obama’s garden, but leave balloons, mace at home

1:23 PM 04/18/2014

Have a burning desire to see first lady Michelle Obama's famed vegetable garden?

Since when does Weiner have Jheri curls?

1:02 PM 04/18/2014

As the chyron on Fusion TV's "America with Jorge Ramos" so aptly asked, "Has Anthony Weiner reinvented himself?" The failed mayoral hopeful and former 13-term congressman appeared on the show this week and brashly said he wanted to guest host the show sometime. "Any day!" Jorge exclaimed in outwardly serious tone. Weiner's possible reinvention is understandable after all he's been through, all the lies he's told the media and his wife and all that sexting that likely wore out his poor thumbs and blew up his phone.

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talks with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, before speaking about the situation in Syria after meeting with US President Barack Obama at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in Washington, DC on September 9, 2013. Clinton said the handover of chemical arms by Syria would be an important step.    AFP PHOTO / Saul LOEB        (Photo credit should read SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

The Best and Worst of Chelsea Clinton having a baby

11:52 AM 04/18/2014

Just in case we feared America was getting more intelligent, Chelsea Clinton dropped the bomb Thursday that she's having a baby. The world momentarily went into a tailspin and got stupid real fast. So here, we examine the aftermath of a woman announcing she's pregnant, which included some imagining Chelsea in the bedroom.

Bath Time

5:11 PM 04/17/2014

Sex in D.C. bathrooms: the exposé... Washington City Paper's Jessica Sidman takes a deep dive into the subject of which restaurants in Washington are getting the most action in their loos. I'm a little startled to learn that among the biggest sex bathrooms in D.C. is in one of the cafes I frequent – Tryst. The sex was so prevalent that the sink in the men's bathroom kept breaking. The biggest sex bathroom restaurants in Washington? Nellie's Sports Bar (which serves a predominately gay clientele), The Coupe and The Palm (frequented by lots of Washington bigwigs). The Palm's well-known manager Tommy Jacomo refused to answer any questions about it. Maybe the best line of the piece: "And the lesson stuck with him as he opened other restaurants: Don’t use wall-mounted sinks." Read here.

Twitter Narcissus

4:29 PM 04/17/2014

The Weather Channel's anchor and managing editor Sam Champion is among the biggest sinners when it comes to narcissistic online behavior. He really cannot get enough of himself. Dare I say he's worse than political non-hopeful Donald Trump, who, it turns out, may not actually be responsible for all the me-tweeting that's happening on his Twitter feed.

The Mirror Questionnaire With Muck Rack’s Delia Paunescu

4:08 PM 04/17/2014

Meet Delia Paunescu, a freelance media writer for Muck Rack, a site that promises a glimpse of tomorrow's news today. Muck Rack came to life in 2009. Delia also writes for New York Magazine and the Food Network. She bravely moved through this questionnaire, specifically answering everything from a body hair question to who she'd want to hook up with if she were the opposite sexual orientation. Some journalists take the wimpy way out. Not Delia.

CNN’s Bill Weir makes quite the blow job joke

2:59 PM 04/17/2014

CNN "Chief Innovation Expert" Bill Weir has been tryouts for weeks to take over Piers Morgan's vacant 9 p.m. slot. Slightly annoying and not as entertaining as Piers, Weir decided to spice things up last night with a joke about blow jobs. Specifically about getting them not giving them.

Washington gets Scandal-ous as invites start rolling in

1:20 PM 04/17/2014

Are you on the list for the biggest This Town weekend of the year?

Morning Mirror

11:40 AM 04/17/2014

Dissecting the Selfie Era

A protester carry a portrait of Edward Snowden during a demonstration against secret monitoring programmes PRISM, TEMPORA, INDECT and showing solidarity with whistleblowers Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and others in Berlin July 27, 2013. REUTERS/Pawel Kopczynski (GERMANY  - Tags: CIVIL UNREST)   - RTX1217G

Snowden appears with Putin on propaganda show

11:19 AM 04/17/2014

Russian President Vladmir Putin took part in his annual Q & A. The nearly four hour interview was broadcast on RT, a Russian TV network based in Moscow and Washington. NSA leaker Edward Snowden appeared on the program.

The troubled world of teen sexting

3:51 PM 04/16/2014

Stateless Media, a Washington-based short documentary film company, enters what can be the dark world of teen sexting for Vanity Fair.

Check out this so-called ‘sexist’ weather report

2:46 PM 04/16/2014

Feminists may want to look away now.

HIGH DRAMA! Breitbart Texas bureau chief says ciao to Twitter

2:13 PM 04/16/2014

"It takes a special kind of creep to keep trying to tweet at people who they know have blocked them."

Why can’t Breitbart News remember Dana Loesch?

2:06 PM 04/16/2014

Breitbart News Texas Bureau Chief Brandon Darby got a strange case of amnesia over the weekend while writing a story on the Bundy Ranch. In it, he posts a key interview by ex-Breitbart staffer Dana Loesch, who now works for Glenn Beck over at TheBlaze. But oddly enough, he can't seem to remember her name. While posting the interview, he leaves off her name but provides a link to the radio host's interview.

Afternoon Mirror

1:33 PM 04/16/2014

It's not like TPM needs the internet to work or anything  "So now @TWC has canceled the appointment to repair the internet at our NYC office with no explanation. Just amazing." -- Talking Points Memo's Nick Martin.

Bath Time

6:07 PM 04/15/2014

Washington journo explores bomb exploding blocks from White House... The Week's Marc Ambinder really must've been scratching his head going, 'How can I scare the shit out of reporters working near 16th and K?' Today he gets all our imaginations going with a 'what if' story on an imaginary suitcase nuke blowing up in downtown Washington at the aforementioned streets, which, yes, is a block and a half from my office as well as that of The Washington Free Beacon and The Hill, among others. Ambinder's got 8 tips to help you survive such a disaster, most of which don't sound so bad actually. Read the story

Capitol Police Chief claims cops are not ‘media police’

11:45 AM 04/15/2014

In the wake of an incident with a Capitol Police Officer and a BloombergBNA reporter last month, Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine is assuring that his officers are not "media police."