abdel fattah el sisi

Report: Egypt Mosque Attackers Carried ISIS Flags

World | Will Racke
Death toll rises to 305

Egyptian Lawmaker Praises Law Cracking Down On NGOs

World | Kerry Picket
'They never stick to their word. That they wait for the right moment to attack'

Every Affectionate Remark Donald Trump Has Made About An Authoritarian Leader

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
The president has a favorable outlook on leaders who were previously shunned

Trump Has Three Huge Meetings This Week

Politics | Kaitlan Collins
A rundown of the president's schedule

Video Captures The Moment ISIS Terrorists Blow Up A Cathedral

Video | Russ Read
The group warns of more attacks on Christians to come

Israel Takes A Page Out Of Trump's Playbook, Plans To Build Wall To Keep Out ISIS

World | Russ Read
The 3-mile-long wall will block off the border region shared by Israel, Jordan and Syria

Former SecDef: Obama's National Security Advisers Are Totally Naive

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'In the interest of U.S. national security'

Egyptian President Gives Surprisingly Honest Answer In Bizarre Boast Against ISIS

US | Jonah Bennett
'We may starve. What’s the problem with that?'

BROTHERHOOD CRACKDOWN: Egypt Intends To Kill Former President, Hundreds Of Muslim Brothers

World | Ivan Plis
They're even executing them for crimes they clearly didn't commit

Newly 'Reformed' Egypt Will Still Bust Christians For BLASPHEMY

World | Ivan Plis
A Christian, Michael Mounir Beshay remains in government custody for sharing a video online showing a Muslim cleric discussing an unusual aspect of Islam

Americans Deserve The Truth About Egypt

Opinion | Michael Morgan
The Obama administration should stop supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and beyond.

Al Sisi And Bibi Netanyahu Are On The Same Page About Radical Islam

Opinion | Joy Brighton
The president should stand behind world leaders speaking the truth about Sharia-ism

Egyptian President El-Sisi: I Have A Standing Invitation To Address Congress

World | Al Weaver
First Bibi, now el-Sisi?

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