Carolla On Elizabeth Warren: When She Says Take Back Our Country, 'She Means Give More Sh*t To People'

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‘You’re supposed to take care of yourself. Government is not supposed to take care of you’

Adam Carolla Opens Up On A Subject You Would NEVER Expect

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Believe it or not, he worked in the field

Adam Carolla: Jimmy Kimmel 'Might Be The Most Conservative' Late Night Host

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But it’s all relative

Adam Carolla Explains Why He Supports Tucker Carlson For President In 2016

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‘That’s a no-nonsense hombre right there’

Adam Carolla Explains His Hilarious Position On Obamacare

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'You better hope they have change'

Adam Carolla On What It's Like For Conservatives In Liberal Hollywood

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‘His good bookings would dry up’

Adam Carolla Says Gay Mafia 'Stifling' Speech In Hollywood

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Probably best to keep the Chaz Bono joke ‘in your pocket’

You'll Never Guess Who Adam Carolla Says Is Worse Than Charles Manson

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This group has cost society much more, he says

Adam Carolla Explains How America's Problems Can Be Fixed In One Second

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The comedian says he has the answer to what ails the country

Carolla on what REALLY ended Alec Baldwin's MSNBC show

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‘It’s also a world where if you don’t produce in the first 10 minutes, you’re out the door’

Carolla, Ingraham decry lack of food-stamp stigma: 'There's no judging going on'

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Comedian and talk show host lament how society has allowed dependency

Carolla tears apart The Huffington Post, left-wing Hollywood and racist-baiters

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Adam Carolla

‘You want to know what’s racist? Treating races like kids. Like they can’t handle the truth’

Carolla rips MSNBC 'p*ssy ass-wipe' Thomas Roberts for 'white shame' comments

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‘An insane and dangerous message to send’

Adam Carolla rants on incompetency and indifference of government

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Adam Carolla

‘Why can’t I mention what I want to mention on my f**king bottle that I’m just going to pay you taxes from’

Carolla sounds off on 'don't give a sh*t' mindset of Taliban, jihad

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Comedian doesn’t see an end to war in parts of the Middle Asia, Central Asia

CAIR attacks Adam Carolla for 'Islamaphobia'

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Council on American Islamic Relations took issue Tuesday with comments comedian Adam Carolla made on The O’Reilly Factor

Carolla, Pinsky question Obama's golf habit, criticize the media's left bias

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'The Adam & Dr. Drew Show' hosts call out the president for his leisure time and wonder why it isn't criticized by the press