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Hitler's Aryan Poster Child Was Jewish

Hessy Taft's photo was on the cover of Aryan magazine Sonne ins Haus. Joseph Goebbels chose the photo himself during a contest. Photo Credit: United States Holocaust Museum

Joseph Goebbels personally picked the photo

British Ambassador Claims 'Snowden Whistleblowing' Would Have Helped Hitler

7.) Adolf Hitler (PHOTO: Wikipedia)

‘It is actually necessary for our national security to ensure that our real secrets remain secret’

FBI hunted for Hitler in Argentina immediately after WWII

Adolf Hitler's legendary mustache of evil is now symbol of crimes against humanity.

J. Edgar Hoover authorized mission to hunt him down

Algorithm ranks history's most significant figures


See the top 10

Cruz goes full Godwin


‘If it had been in the 1940′s…they would have been on TV and they would have been say, you cannot defeat the Germans’

Taylor Swift + inspirational Hitler quotes = greatest Pinterest account ever

Taylor Swift 4

A Pinterest user has been attributing Hitler quotes to Taylor Swift, and nobody noticed

10 things that look like Hitler

After a new JC Penney tea kettle sparks a public Führer, we examine what a cat, a hipster and a house have in common with the Nazi dictator

JFK's secret diary: Fascism 'right thing for Germany'

Kennedy in Berlin in 1963. Photo: National Archive/Getty Images

Future president was ein Berliner in 1937 trip to Germany, praising ‘Nordics’ and dismissing critics of ‘too good’ Nazi regime

Hagel the appeaser

In a 2006 speech, Chuck Hagel suggested he would have appeased Hitler.

Hitler art installation stirs controversy in Poland [VIDEO] - AFP

Defining tastelessness has a new crusader.

Hitler parody time: DNC loses Wisconsin - TheDC


Powerline blog parodies the scene at the DNC headquarters after Tuesday’s recall loss

Children with Nazi-inspired names to be kept away from parents, judge rules - Daily Mail

Nazi Family

Father said the court’s decision was not due to their quality of life, and was based purely on the names they chose for the children

Illinois bishop under fire for comparing Obama to Hitler, Stalin - TheDC

Obama at Notre Dame

Notre Dame faculty demand Bishop Jenky renounce his own comments or step down from university’s board

Illinois bishop: Obama 'intent on following a similar path' as Hitler, Stalin - TheDC

‘No Catholic institution can ever cooperate with the intrinsic evil of killing innocent human life in the womb’

Conservative Jewish student says he is target of Anti-Semitic attacks - TheDC

Fake article written in "The Medium"

A satirical campus newspaper used his name to praise Adolf Hitler

Hitler parents grave's headstone to be removed - AP

Alois and Klara Hitler grave

The grave was regularly visited by rightist extremists who left flowers and Nazi slogans at the site

Adolf Hitler used to sell shampoo in Turkey - TheDC

Adolf Hitler

Jewish communities condemn ad, calling it ‘unacceptable’ and ‘disgusting’

Hitler, Mickey Mouse signatures acceptable on Gov. Walker recall petitions - TheDC

Disney Store Times Square Grand Opening

Wisconsin accountability board: ‘We will not strike them unless challenged’

ESPN, Hank Williams Jr. part ways - ESPN


Political analogy causes split for ESPN and musician

ESPN pulls intro after Williams' Obama comments - AP

Monday Night Football Hank Williams

Signature ‘Monday Night Football’ song yanked after Williams compares Obama to Hitler