Ace Hardware Stands By Laura Ingram, Agrees To Resume Advertising On Her Show

Business | John Wellington
Awesome news

Sudden Consumer Data Outrage In The Age Of App Madness Is Bizarre And Dumb

op-ed | Cameron Smith
Companies have treasure troves of data about us and it's really helpful for everyone

Did Vox Media And The Verge Play Chicken With KFC Sponsorship?

US | Ian Miles Cheong
A KFC advertising campaign on The Verge has raised questions over its journalistic objectivity.

Berlin May Outlaw Billboards Featuring Hot Women Who Look Dumb Or Crazy

World | Eric Owens
'Smiling without reason' is also a big sexism problem for German babes

PROOF: Hillary Clinton Ran The MOST DEPLORABLE Presidential Campaign In Modern History

Politics | Eric Owens
'A message repeated endlessly does no good unless it resonates'

TRUMP MEDIA ADVISOR: Why Our Ads Trumped Hillary

Opinion | Jay Connaughton
Everything you think you know about how Donald Trump scored his historic victory is wrong.

I Watched This Chinese Laundry Detergent Ad, And An Hour Later I Was Racist Again

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher

Facebook Now Gives Advertisers A Bang For Their Buck

Tech | Paola Asencio
Time to clear the air about CPC

Not-So-Mad Men: Advertising And Men's Style

Opinion | Michael C. Kerrigan
'If a bike is affixed to his car when he drives into the scene, you want to know whose shirt he wears.'

Facebook Reports A Good Q2, Focuses On Mobile Advertising

Business | Kate Patrick
Does Facebook's Q2 success mean there's no social-networking bubble?

Verizon's New Rewards Program Could Track You

Tech | Kate Patrick
Want to earn Verizon points? Gotta let 'em track you ... so they can ADVERTISE

Now The Government Thinks It's Time To Regulate Photoshop

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'Making a model look too thin, or her skin too flawless, may soon be a violation of federal standards'

Terrifying: This is what it's like to drown

World | Sarah Hofmann
A new French PSA-type ad for lifejackets will make you have a panic attack

Evian's Baby Spider-Man ad about to become a huge hit on the -- ahem -- web

Video | Sarah Hofmann
Evian seems to have a thing for babies

Advertising sales drive AOL's revenue growth

| Reuters
AOL Inc reported higher-than-expected third-quarter revenue on increased advertising sales

Here's what happens when you spill coffee on someone's computer

Entertainment | Jake Harris
Telekinetic coffee shop stunt terrifies customers

If this commercial doesn't work on you, nothing will

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler
(The bunny is just sleeping, we promise)

Top 10: Wackiest advertising campaigns ever

Entertainment | Kate Grise
From dandruff salt shakers to eyeball repositioning tools, advertisements have a long, odd history

Bloomberg anti-gun coalition targets Ayotte with new negative ad

Politics | Patrick Howley
Spot to air in New England accuses New Hampshire senator of going Washington

Facebook announces new and improved search engine

Tech | Josh Peterson
New feature to help users search what others have shared with them

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