al qaeda

Taxpayers' Money Going To Islamist Charity Group With Ties To Anti-Semitic Terrorists, Says Report

US | Eric Lieberman
Al-Qaida, Hamas, etc.

Iranian Politician Discusses Facilitation Of 9/11 Hijackers

Politics | Hanna Bogorowski
'Our government agreed not to stamp the passports'

Texas Man Gets 45 Years For Plotting Vehicle Bombing Of US Base In Afghanistan

Defense | Will Racke
US citizen turned Jihadist

FBI Arrests Saudi Arabia Man For Lying About Trying To Join Al-Qaeda

US | Amber Randall
He tried to join at 17

US Military Snuffs The Lights Out Of Taliban 'Red Unit' Commander [VIDEO]

Video | Jonah Bennett
'Disrupt the Taliban network, degrade their narcotics trafficking'

US Turns 100 Al-Qaida Into Pink Mist

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Area of active hostilities'

Obama Downplayed Al-Qaida Strength In Lead Up To 2012 Election

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Something much bigger'

US Celebrates Veterans Day By Obliterating Al-Qaida Terrorist

Defense | Saagar Enjeti
Second such strike on the terror group in recent days

US Lays Waste To 'Several' Al-Qaida Militants

Defense | Saagar Enjeti
Responsible for one of the largest suicide truck bombings

Osama Bin Laden's Son Calls For Attacks, Revenge On Americans In New Message

World | Jonah Bennett
'I invite Muslims generally to take revenge from the Americans'

Somalia Hit With Second Deadly Blast As US Focuses On Al-Qaida

World | Saagar Enjeti
'We targeted ministers'

Chicago Man Who Tried To Join Terrorist Group Gets 15-Year Sentence

World | Anders Hagstrom
FBI sting operation

9 MONTHS: 22 US Troops Killed In Action Across 6 Countries

Defense | Saagar Enjeti
Afghanistan has seen the most

Afghan Immigrant Found Guilty Of New York Terror Bombing Spree

National Security | Will Racke
'Inspired by ISIS and al Qaeda'

Taliban Hostage's Ex-Wife Has Al-Qaida Ties, Once Justified 9/11

World | Saagar Enjeti
'I mean sometimes innocent people pay the price'

What Exactly Were Green Berets Doing In Niger In The First Place?

World | Saagar Enjeti
'Training and security assistance'

American Citizen Found Guilty Of Helping Al-Qaida Launch Suicide Attack Against US Base

Defense | Jonah Bennett
'Brought to justice in a U.S. courtroom'

U.S. Citizen Convicted Of Conspiring To Kill Americans Overseas

US | Mary Lou Lang
'Muhanad Mahoud Al-Farekh is al Qaeda terrorist who conspired to kill Americans overseas'

Omar Khadr Denied Unsupervised Visitation With Sister Who Says US 'Deserved' 9/11

World | David Krayden
'You don’t want to feel happy, but you just sort of think, well, they deserve it...'

Close To 60 Syrian Militia Fighters Came To Germany As Refugees

World | Jacob Bojesson
Took part 'in numerous massacres'

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