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Another State Adds 'Don't Tread on Me' Flag To License Tags

Gadsden flag closely associated with tea party movement

Alabama Republicans Slam Federal Judge For Striking Down Abortion Restrictions

Pro-life supporter Marcinda Haedge (R) o

‘I hope, on appeal, the courts will reinstate this law’

Judge Rules Alabama Abortion Law Unconstitutional

The measure requires doctors who perform abortions to have privileges to admit patients to a nearby hospital

A Waste? Alabama To Pay $75K To Use 'Sweet Home Alabama' On Signs

AdvoCare 500

In Montgomery, they love the song

'Not Here': 63 Year-Old Woman Shoots Intruder

‘No they are not going to walk up in here’

Dale Peterson Is Back On His Horse, Running For Office Again

Dale and Kathy Peterson

‘The establishment will not give me any money’

Common Core Advocates Hail Tuesday Primaries As Vindication

Common Core The Scream by Edvard Munch public domain

Primary challenges against pro-Core Republicans were largely unsuccessful

Civil Wars Over Education Define Tuesday Primaries

"I voted" stickers are shown at a polling station during a special election for mayor in San Diego, California

Both parties split on reform, Common Core

Remington Moves Two Production Lines from New York to Alabama


It took liberals 198 years to push these gun jobs out of NY

Alabama attorney general candidate says Democrat who attacks whites is a 'mentor'

Alabama Capitol Building

Holmes has offered $100,000 cash for evidence of whites adopting blacks

Proven wrong: Democrat who said white people never adopt black kids

Alabama families / ABC3340 screenshot

‘He needs to put his money where his mouth is’

Alabama congressional candidate shoots up Obamacare bill in new ad

‘We’ll have to resort to more extreme measures to get rid of Obamacare’

Alabama ponders more government control of church-run schools

Students walking to school. Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images.

Critics: What about religious freedom?

Remington expands into Alabama after New York enacts strict gun laws


Alabama expected to see 2,000 new jobs

New Alabama State University president's contract bans her from having sex at home

Gwendolyn Boyd/Montgomery Advertiser screenshot

‘I do live alone, so it was not problematic for me’

Alabama lawmaker to honor Duck Dynasty with resolution of support

Duck Dynasty-Hometown.JPEG

‘Phil Robertson’s family values are shared by the vast majority of Alabamians’

Beyond heartwarming: Alabama QB and student with cerebral palsy

If you don’t tear up, there’s something seriously wrong with you

'You Should Have Just Left'

Family Dollar

‘You should have just left the store’

Football coach NEVER punts the ball and has amazing success rate

The unconventional approach seems to be paying off for Arkansas high school