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Former Liberal: Obama's Immigration Plan Amounts To A War On Workers

Former Liberal: The Left’s Immigration Plan Amounts To A War On Workers

Obama Hints He'll Delay Amnesty Until After Election

So maybe the election will be all about Obama’s amnesty

White House Tries To Hide Amnesty Behind Gov't Shutdown

But GOP is spotlighting the economic impact of work-permits for illegals

Does The Senate Immigration Bill Mitigate The Moral Hazard Of Amnesty?

Members of Congress calling for comprehensive immigration reform stand in unison before they were detained by police in front of the U.S. Capital Building in Washington

Contra Brit Hume and Kim Strassel, it’s just not true that ‘amnesty’ has to be without conditions.

How The GOP Shifting The Amnesty Debate To Jobs And Wages May Win Over Hispanics

GOP’s dollars and cents may trump Democrats’ race and culture

Obama Promises Action On Amnesty, Inaction On Ukraine

He’ll penalize companies, and help Hamas, too

Rep. Steve King Warns Obama's Executive Amnesty Could Trigger Impeachment

‘Where would we draw the line otherwise?’

Limbaugh: Republicans 'On A Tightrope' Between Donors And Voters On Amnesty

‘What they’re trying to figure out how to do is to pretend that they’re not for it’

'Dead' Border Bill Not Fully Dead Yet

The zombie border bill is trying to crawl out of the grave

Zombie GOP Bill Tried To Sneak Immigration Boost

The expansion was hidden in the details

'I Don't Think Any Country Just Hands Out Work Permits': MSNBC's Ed Schultz Blasts Obama's Amnesty AGAIN

'I think this would be a ground-sweeping move by the president'

MSNBC Host: Obama's Amnesty Could Doom Democrats

‘I don’t think that’s a political winner for the Democrats’

Krauthammer: Impending White House Amnesty Order 'An Impeachable Offense'

‘That’s what I think the White House may actually be softening people up for’

Support For Amnesty Is Only Strong With Elites, Not Regular Americans

Obama Mexican flag AFP/Getty Images/Mandel Ngan

If the president thinks there’s so much support for reform, why isn’t Congress doing it?

Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants: How Might It Affect Gun Ownership?

An entire family emerges from the bushes on the Mexican bank of the Rio Bravo on April 11, 2006 near Ciudad Juarez. Omar Torres/AFP/Getty Images.

Giving away citizenship will hurt Second Amendment rights

Obama Pitches Big Government Populism On 2014 Campaign Trail

President Barack Obama participates in a town hall meeting at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis

‘Economic patriotism!’

GOP Leaders Still Want Amnesty Despite Cantor Defeat

GOP sticks with business donors, not reformers

Government Plans Massive Processing Center For Waves Of Illegal Kids At Border

Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

‘U.S. government turning a blind eye’

Sheldon Adelson And Rick Perry's Fair-Weather Federalism

Las Vegas Sands Corp Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson points a reporter during a news conference in Tokyo

Nothing about an online gambling ban is conservative.

Biden Hints Some 'Dream Deluge' Illegals May Get Citizenship

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden waves at the end of a speech to students, young activists and officials in Bucharest

What matters is what people hear, not what Biden wants to say