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Europe's Projection Problem

Protesters throw projectiles in place de la Republique during a banned demonstration in support of Gaza in central Paris

Envy and self-loathing are the root causes of European enmity toward not only Israel, but also America.

Bizarro Professor Who Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism Has TWEETED Himself Out Of A Job

Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

‘Apparently, these tweets have cost him his job offer at U. Illinois’

Krauthammer: Israeli War Producing 'Resurgence In Anti-Semtism Not Seen Since The 30s'

‘It is back. It’s all over the world’

Jews To Blame For Anti-Semitism, Says Scumbag University of Illinois Professor

Anti-Semitic Cartoon (YouTube Screenshot/infolivetvenglish)

The terrorist-loving University of Illinois system moves on to vicious Israel bashers

Islamic Extremist Arrested For Deadly Jewish Museum Shooting


‘All European countries are confronted at this moment with this problem’

Guess what college the Jewish Community Center shooter lectured at

Frazier Glenn Miller Getty Images/David Eulitt

‘Hell yes, I hate you and all Jews’

Ukraine's chief rabbi blames Russia for anti-Semitic provocations

Pro-European protesters take cover behind a burnt bus as a demonstrator throws a stick during clashes with riot police in Kiev

‘Things may be done by Russians dressing up as Ukrainian nationalists’

Meet the 'moderate' Syrian sheikh young think tanker wants us to adopt


Young pundit at Syria Emergency Task Force backed anti-Semitic, anti-Shiite sheikh

Ron Paul, Alex Wagner go head to head over alleged anti-Semitism of Virgin Mary group


Former Texas congressman fends off questions from ‘NOW’ host about one of his speaking engagements

Babson College freshmen will endure sensitivity training due to 1978 anti-Semitic incident

soccer Nazi. Source: BBC News

Carter-era soccer game somehow affects students born during Clinton presidency

Stephen Hawking boycotts Israeli conference

Britain Hawking At Seventy.JPEG

The famous physicist joins in with other academics upset with Israel’s treatment of Palestine

Restaurant manager uses '#jew' hashtag for bad tippers on social media

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 10.15.28 AM

Delaware restaurant in the soup for using offensive tags to shame customers

Morsi blames media for his 'apes and pigs' comment

Mohamed Morsi

Egyptian president: ‘The hatred must continue!’

Four injured after explosion at kosher Paris grocery store - AP

Paris grocery store bomb

The reason for the attack was unclear, but it rattled nerves amid global tensions surrounding a U.S.-produced film insulting to Islam

An anti-Jew in the zoo: Elmo kicked out of Central Park Zoo - TheDC

'Elmo needs to make a living too'

Hollywood screenwriter to Mel Gibson: 'You hate Jews' - TheDC

Mel Gibson

Joe Eszterhas claims the actor dropped out of a film about Jewish heroism because of his anti-Semitism

Conservative Jewish student says he is target of Anti-Semitic attacks - TheDC

Fake article written in "The Medium"

A satirical campus newspaper used his name to praise Adolf Hitler

Ron Paul is a bigot

There is no good answer to the questions raised by his racist newsletters.

WH backs ambassador to Belgium despite criticism of anti-Semitism comments - TheDC


‘Ambassador Gutman has expressed his regret, noting that he strongly condemns anti-Semitism in all its forms’

Cairo rally: One day we'll kill all Jews - Israel News

Mideast Egypt .JPEG

Muslim Brotherhood holds venomous anti-Israel rally in Cairo mosque Friday; Islamic activists chant: Tel Aviv, judgment day has come