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Google rivals asked if concessions go far enough in antitrust inquiry


Google is seeking to end a three-year old investigation by the European Commission

Brazil investigates Google over antitrust charges

A Google logo is seen at the entrance to the company's offices in Toronto

The regulatory pressure comes as Brazilian authorities take a closer look at major U.S. Internet companies such as Google and Facebook

DOJ & FTC antitrust report cards

Google Antitrust Probe

It is increasingly obvious that something is amiss here.

Beer market needs liberty, not lawsuits

The Department of Justice is suing to block a merger between Anheuser-Busch InBev and Grupo Modelo.

Leahy and Grassley look to expand whistle-blower protections - TheDC


The two senators first introduced the new bill in July 2012. It died

Top 5 reasons the FTC made the right decision on Google

Google Antitrust Probe

Permanent government regulation of Internet search was a plausible outcome

Lawmakers on edge over potential FTC power grab that could mess up the Internet - TheDC

Earns Google

Recent leaks from inside the FTC suggest the agency is on a mission to penalize Google

The Case Against the Case Against Google: Maintaining Trust in Antitrust

France Europe Google

Having no anchor in antitrust law, an antitrust case targeting Google’s search practices would actually have a chilling effect on ongoing innovation and cross-platform competition.

Google gives virtual tour of one of its data centers [VIDEO] - TheDC

Earns Google

The company is currently under fire from governments and its competitors over privacy, antitrust and freedom of speech.

Senator warns FTC against messing up the Internet - TheDC

Google Competition

European regulators recently put Google on notice for its privacy policy

European court upholds most of Microsoft fine - AP

Belgium EU Microsoft

Counting two earlier fines, the case has wound up costing Microsoft a grand total of €1.64 billion.

Texas AG sues Google for withholding documents in antitrust investigation - TheDC

Texas Attorney General

State demands tech giant hand over additional documents relating to discussion with attorneys

Obsolete analysis will doom DOJ's antitrust probe of cable

Verizon-Share Everything.JPEG

Simply, this effort appears to be about net neutrality proponents non-transparently gaming the Verizon-Cable Spectrum transaction review process

EU gives Google 'weeks' to ease antitrust concerns - AP

Google Logo

Alumina called on Google to propose the solutions to the concerns quickly or face formal antitrust investigation and charges.

Economists tell FTC to 'buzz off' on Google antitrust investigation - TheDC

Google Privacy Q and A

Open letter: ‘America’s business landscape is scarred with numerous antitrust enforcement actions’

Privacy is important - but not an antitrust issue

Google Privacy Q and A

The law is clear in this area: privacy is not an antitrust issue.

Apple has been subpoenaed in Google's antitrust case - BI

Apple iPad

The US Federal Trade Commission has subpoenaed Apple in its antitrust probe on Google

SCOTT CLELAND: EU Filling FTC Void of Google Law Enforcement - TheDC Opinion

Google Privacy Q and A

The evidence is mounting that the European Union is stepping in to fill the void of FTC law enforcement concerning Google.

Google's Eric Schmidt talks antitrust - Slate

South Korea Google Chairman Steve Jobs

“We’ve been very careful to go through everything we’re doing”

Justice Dept wants to put off AT&T-T-Mobile trial - AP

at&t t-mobile logo

The companies have said they’ll seek approval in a trial scheduled for February