Scalia: Supreme Court Is 'Liberal,' Destroying 'Our Democratic System'

US | Scott Greer
Antonin Scalia on Fox News. PAUL MORIGI/GETTY IMAGES

‘The whole time I have been on my court, it has been a liberal court’

On Immigration, Conservatives Should Look To Justice Scalia, Not Trump

Opinion | Kevin Mooney

The idea of Scalia shifting into an overt political role has not gone away.

Huckabee: 'Unacceptable' To Jail Clerk On Objection Of Conscience

Politics | Steve Guest

‘This is not about partisan issues; this is about the Constitution’

Obscure Dean At Backwater Law School Worries Students May Write Too Much Like Scalia

Education | Eric Owens
Erwin Chemerinsky and Antonin Scalia

‘I have taught argumentation for many years’

Supreme Court Derails EPA's Anti-Coal Agenda

Business | Michael Bastasch
Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court pose for formal group photo in the East Conference Room in Washington

‘No regulation is appropriate if it does significantly more harm than good’

The Court Will Not Save Us From Obamacare

Opinion | Jenny Beth Martin
By Connor D. Wolf for use by the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation

The Supreme Court’s ruling ensures that Americans will continue to suffer under Obamacare

CNN: Chief Justice Roberts Chuckled When Scalia Dubbed Health Care Law "SCOTUScare" [VIDEO]

Politics | Heather Smith

‘Even the chief justice had a little chuckle’

Supreme Court To Decide: Are Teachers Also Cops?

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Kindergarten cop

Decision could lead to more court testimony by children

When Judges Pass The Collection Plate, Justice Suffers

Opinion | Ron Fein
U.S. Supreme Court Justice Scalia arrives at the Gettysburg National Cemetery in Pennsylvania

Justice Scalia understands we deserve a justice system worthy of our respect.

Scalia Accuses Fellow Justices Of Discriminating Against Pro-Lifers

US | Tristyn Bloom
Antonin Scalia on Fox News. PAUL MORIGI/GETTY IMAGES

‘There is an entirely separate, abridged edition of the First Amendment applicable to speech against abortion’

Supreme Court Strikes Down First Phase Of EPA's Global Warming Agenda

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
US Supreme Court in Washington

‘EPA is getting almost everything it wanted in this case’

Supreme Court Cracks Down On Gun Buyers

US | Tristyn Bloom
Gun Store

SCOTUS holds that straw purchases of guns are illegal

Law Of The Land: No Public School Graduations In Churches

Education | Tristyn Bloom
Elmbrook Church

Justices Scalia and Thomas dissent

Scalia calls Supreme Court ruling 'a freedom-destroying cocktail'

US | Robby Soave
Antonin Scalia on Fox News. PAUL MORIGI/GETTY IMAGES

‘Consisting of two parts patent falsity’

Obama pals around with Scalia

Politics | Christopher Bedford
Antonin Scalia on Fox News. PAUL MORIGI/GETTY IMAGES

Supreme Court justice slams the president

Scalia scandalizes the liberal media

Opinion | Gary Bauer
Scalia Montana.JPEG

He believes in the Devil, they sneered. Along with 57 percent of America.

The equanimity of Justice Ginsburg

Opinion | Jim Huffman
Ginsburg Roe v Wade.JPEG

Dems may not be happy she’s staying through Obama’s term, but it’s in character.