Former Army Staff Sgt. Convicted Of Killing Afghan Civilians To Ask Trump For Clemency

US | Evie Fordham
'He deserves every protection the Constitution provides'

Celebrate The Army's Birthday With Some Of Their Most Inspiring Photos Throughout History

US | Jena Greene
They have an incredible history

The Socks That The Secretary Of State Wore To Meet The North Koreans Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Politics | Benny Johnson
Was he sending a message?

Americans Are Too Fat, Immoral And Addicted For Secretary Mattis

US | Julia Cohen
'Reward people for the right behavior'

Uber, U.S. Army to Develop Flying Taxis and Quieter Drones

Tech | Terry Haynes
The future is flying

Senior Military Leaders Split With Trump On Transgender Troops In The Military

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Not aware of any issues'

Aviation Mishaps Are Skyrocketing For Nearly Every Branch Of The US Armed Forces

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
Lives and aircraft are being lost at an alarming rate

US Army Awards Medal Of Heroism To Student Who Lost His Life Saving Others In Florida School Shooting

US | Ryan Pickrell
Two other slain JROTC members are also receiving medals

Former Military Lawyers: Chelsea Manning Subject To Prosecution Over Senate Run

Defense | Jonah Bennett
Lock him up?

ISIS Affiliate Claims Attack Against American Special Forces Troops In Niger

World | Jonah Bennett
Three months after the attack took place

STUDY: Fat Southern Army Recruits Pose Nat. Security Threat

Defense | Jonah Bennett
'Disproportionate burden that certain states are having on national security'

Iraq Vet Stops Traffic To Honor Fallen WWII Vet, And The Photo Will Restore Your Faith In America

US | Jena Greene
God bless the troops

Army Says Rape Allegation Against Quarterback Ahmad Bradshaw Is Totally Unfounded

US | Jonah Bennett
'USMA stands behind Cadet Bradshaw'

Navy Trolls Army Over Commie West Point Grad [PHOTOS]

US | Saagar Enjeti
'Communism Won't Win'

84-Year-Old Korean War Vet Thanks God After Wasting Home Invader With A Single Shot

US | Jonah Bennett
'God was with me tonight'

Army Coming Up With Strategies To Survive Space Attacks

US | Jonah Bennett
'Our force structure today is built around the assumption that we have GPS and we have satellite communications'

Army Spent $35 Million For Female Infantry Recruit Renovations At Fort Benning

Defense | Jonah Bennett
More than 36 percent of women have dropped out.

Report: US Troop Deaths From Plane Crashes Up By 130 Percent

Defense | Jonah Bennett
'Military readiness crisis'

Trump Thanks Troops On Thanksgiving, Says 'We're Letting You Win'

Politics | Jonah Bennett
'They weren't letting you win before'

Fort Bragg Soldier Collapses, Dies During Physical Training

US | Jonah Bennett
'We mourn the loss of this dedicated soldier'

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