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Black Republican Artur Davis Considering Mayoral Run In Alabama

Politics | Alex Pappas
Former Democratic congressman left party to join GOP

What's next for Artur Davis?

Politics | Caroline May
Big decision reached

Artur Davis, who has signaled interest in seat, praises retiring Frank Wolf

Politics | Caroline May
'I will monitor the field that develops in the next several weeks'

What high-profile Republican will pick Alabama's next congressman?

Politics | Alex Pappas
Fred Barnes, Katherine Webb, 10 Commandments Judge all make endorsements

Former Alabama Rep. Artur Davis could win Virginia seat, internal poll suggests

Politics | Jeff Poor
Poll: Davis could pull off rare feat of being elected to Congress in 2 states

Artur Davis rips MSNBC, CNN's Roland Martin

Politics | Jeff Poor
Former Democratic congressman reacts to media snubs and criticisms over appearance at the Republican National Convention

MSNBC abandons GOP convention during every speech by a minority

Politics | Jeff Poor
Left-leaning network skips Ted Cruz, Mia Love and Artur Davis speeches for commentary from liberal pundits

Ex-Obama ally Artur Davis asks other Democrats to leave party too

Elections | Alex Pappas
'Ask yourself if these Democrats still speak for you'

Artur Davis latest African-American Republican slammed by black caucus

Politics | W. James Antle III
Democratic group has had a history of conflict with GOP members

Ryan promises to fulfill Obama's '08 pledge to 'put aside childish things'

Politics | Alexis Levinson
Romney's running mate: 'We want this debate on Medicare'

Co-chair of Obama's 2008 campaign to speak at RNC

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis will speak about his disillusionment with Obama

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Former Rep. Artur Davis

Ginni Thomas | Ginni Thomas
Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Former Rep. Artur Davis

Former Rep. Artur Davis: Most blacks don't equate gay rights with civil rights

Ginni Thomas | Paul Conner
Artur Davis: Most blacks don't equate gay rights with civil rights [VIDEO]

Artur Davis: Holder's future is up to Obama

Politics | Matthew Boyle
'I probably would have gotten fired as an assistant U.S. Attorney... if people had gotten killed because of my carelessness'

Limbaugh: Artur Davis 'setting himself up for Uncle Tom status'

Politics | Jeff Poor
Radio host: Ex-Democrat joins 'the ranks of Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas and Shelby Steele'

Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis now a Republican

Politics | Neil Munro
'Wearing a Democratic label no longer matches what I know about my country and its possibilities'

Former CBC member: Atlantic's efforts to tie race to congressional ethics probe 'sloppy'

Politics | Jeff Poor
Former Alabama Democratic Rep. Artur Davis questions allegation that House ethics panel 'singling out African-Americans'

Former Rep. Artur Davis on NH: 'Voter fraud is common'

Politics | Bedford
Former Rep. Artur Davis on fraud in NH, voter ID

Democratic base split on immigration, says former Rep. Artur Davis

Politics | Neil Munro
'African Americans are bitterly split over this issue... they have come to view it as a form of job competition'

GOP more open to minorities, says former Dem. congressman [VIDEO]

Politics | Neil Munro
'It is the Republican Party that now seems to be opening more doors'

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