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Why Does President Obama Think Aiding Repressive African Regimes Is A Good Thing?

President Obama delivers opening remarks to more than 50 fifty leaders gathered for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit Session One on 'Investing in Africa's Future,' at the U.S. State Department in Washington

The Ex-Im Bank is helping to prop up Sub-Saharan autocrats

Parents of Dead Navy SEAL Call For Obama To Resign

‘Thanks to your leadership’

Mike Rogers: Obama Foreign Policy 'In Absolute Free Fall' After 'No Strategy' Admission

‘The clock didn’t start with the beheading of an American journalist’

White House: National Debate Needed Before Obama Amnesty

He ‘wants to have a debate about the status of our immigration system’

White House: Obama 'Determined As Ever' To Use Executive Action On Immigration

‘The president is determined to take the kinds of steps available to him’

Liberal Pundits Baffled By Obama's 'We Don't Have A Strategy'

Eugene Robinson and Nicholas Kristof express dismay

Punitive Action And Public Shaming Will Not Stop Corporate Inversions

Tim Hortons' President and CEO Marc Caira mingles with rest of the board members on stage after the company's annual general meeting in Toronto

The real problem is our astronomically high corporate tax rate.

Liberal Commentator: Obama's New Climate Plan 'Clearly A Violation Of Treaty-Making Power'

‘It will go nowhere in the courts’

Gohmert Slams Obama's Mideast Strategy: 'Consistently Chosen Side Of Radical Islamists'

Calls Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad ‘the lesser of two evils’

Spain's Green Economy: Skyrocketing Power Prices And Higher CO2 Emissions

‘Those policies have been disastrous’

Thoughts On Ferguson: What I Know And Don't Know

Members of a rowdy group of demonstrators stand with their hands up as they are lit by a police spotlight on West Florissant during protests in reaction to the shooting of Michael Brown near Ferguson, Missouri

‘If there is anything unifying in this awful tragedy, it is the grief we all feel for the Browns and the loss of their young son.’

Obama Allows Deported Illegals BACK Into The US

The GOP is blocking an amnesty, so the administration is rewriting border rules

New VA Secretary Praised Hospital Where 6 Vets Died After Screening Delays

Nine lawsuits pending against South Carolina facility

The Entitlement Spending Tsunami

Obama answers a question about the situation in Ukraine, following remarks on the budget at Powell Elementary School in Washington

The national debt will grow from $12 trillion to $20 trillion in ten years.

Obama's Illegals Swamp Blue-Collar City In Massachusetts

Hundreds coming to Lynn

Environmentalists Ditch The Polar Bear

‘Stop climate change… or the kitten gets it’

Painfully Awkward Reception To Obama's Speech Yesterday

Applause line after applause line fell flat

Obama Sent NO White House Representatives To James' Foley's Memorial Mass

Sent three to Michael Brown’s funeral, though

Warren Buffett Bucks Obama In Burger King Deal

Goes against Democratic grain