Gay Democrat Calls For 'Significant Surveillance' Of The 'Islamic Element'

Politics | Steve Guest
Barney Frank: Biden Did Not Run For President Because He Didn't Think He Could Win [screenshot ABC]

‘I wish they had surveilled him more, not less’

First Openly Gay Congressman Issues Key Criticism To Modern Activists

US | Connor D. Wolf

‘If you are out there demonstrating your commitment … you are probably not helping’

Barney Frank: Biden Didn't Run Because He Didn't Think He Could Beat Hillary

Elections | Steve Guest

Doesn’t think Bernie Sanders is electable either

Morning Mirror

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Barney Frank Creates 'Ugly' Scene At Charity Event

Politics | Alex Griswold

Even in retirement he’s a jerk

How Does Ex-Rep. Barney Frank Type? In A Word: Badly

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

The problem: He’s club-fingered

Support For Amnesty Is Only Strong With Elites, Not Regular Americans

Opinion | Virgil Goode

If the president thinks there’s so much support for reform, why isn’t Congress doing it?

Bath Time

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Rand Paul's foreign policy views aren't liberal and they aren't deceptive

Opinion | J. Arthur Bloom
Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

It’s not a winning strategy to slash Social Security but not aircraft carriers.

O'Reilly tells Letterman what guest he most wanted to punch

Politics | Jamie Weinstein

‘He was on the satellite so it would have hurt my hand’

Dodd-Frank a total failure, bipartisan panel agrees

Politics | Tim Cavanaugh
President Barack Obama congratulates then-Sen. Chris Dodd and then-Rep. Barney Frank on their bill. AP Images.

Too big to fail banks are now bigger and failier than ever before, say all speakers at AEI conference

Frank doubles down: Marathon attack justifies more spending

Politics | Jeff Poor

Former Massachusetts congressman says his remarks were the ‘only sensible response’

Barney Frank is a cowardly bully, says gay Republican group - TheDC

Politics | Steven Nelson
Barney Frank

Frank accused of being ‘a partisan hack’ after calling gay Republicans ‘uncle Toms’

Barney Frank: More stimulus would reduce food stamp rolls [VIDEO] - TheDC

Politics | Nicholas Ballasy
'We would have fewer people in that situation' with more federal spending, says Mass. congressman

Rep. Barney Frank becomes first congressman in a same-sex marriage - AP

Politics | Ryan Lovelace
Barney Frank

Frank didn’t invite President Obama because he was worried the Secret Service would ‘ruin the party’

Barney Frank cracks 'hoodie' joke in commencement speech - TheDC

Politics | Meagan Clark
Barney Frank

‘I think you now got a hoodie you can wear and no one will shoot at you’

Barney Frank: Obama not invited to my wedding, 'would ruin the party' - TheDC

US | Matt Pitchford
Barney Frank

President’s invite lost in the mail because Secret Service would ‘put a damper on the festivities’

Barney Frank loses composure in 'This Week' appearance, attacks Bush - TheDC

Politics | Jeff Poor

Outgoing openly gay Massachusetts congressman displays irritation with Tennessee Republican colleague Marsha Blackburn