John Bolton Cannot WAIT For Hillary To Run For President

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton. Photo - AP.

‘Nothing would give me greater pleasure’

People Actually Believe Global Warming Caused The Islamic State

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

Absolutely incredible

Syrian Ambassador Calls ISIS An 'American Myth'

Video | Alex Olson

‘Al Qaeda appeared in Syria after the US invaded Iraq. Before that there was no al Qaeda in Syria’

Syrian Photographer Documents Assad's Torture Chambers

Video | Christian Datoc

‘Nobody who sees these images will ever be the same’

How The 'Moderate' Syrian Opposition Got More Radical, More Violent, And Less Effective

Opinion | Abdo Roumani
Free Syrian Army fighters react to the camera as they ride in a vehicle mounted with a weapon in the Hama countryside

At one time, there were Kurds calling for unity and Salafists for secular government. Not anymore.

The Dangers Of Working With Iran To Defeat ISIS

Opinion | Russ Read
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif addresses the Council on Foreign Relations in New York

We can’t replace a short-term threat with a long-term existential one.

Pentagon Official: What It Will Take To Eliminate ISIS

Opinion | Joseph Miller

It isn’t what the president says

Pentagon Official: Obama's ISIS Strategy Is Doomed To Fail

Opinion | Joseph Miller

Syria, Iraq and Fantasy Land

Gohmert Slams Obama's Mideast Strategy: 'Consistently Chosen Side Of Radical Islamists'

Video | Brendan Bordelon

Calls Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad ‘the lesser of two evils’

Imagining A Middle East Without Christians

Opinion | Richard Ghazal
Iraqi Christians attend mass on Christmas at St. Joseph Chaldean Church in Baghdad

Islamists know the moderating effect Christians have; that’s why they’re targets.

A Comprehensive Strategy To Defeat ISIS

Opinion | Robert G. Kaufman
Still image taken from video of a man purported to be the reclusive leader of the militant Islamic State Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi making what would be his first public appearance at a mosque in Mosul

Top generals have already claimed that the threat will have to be dealt with, so why wait?

White House Strongly Hints US Will Bomb ISIS In Syria

US | Brendan Bordelon

‘We’re not going to be restricted by borders’

Obama's America: No longer in theaters, now a reality

Opinion | Dinesh D'Souza
U.S. President Obama talks about the Affordable Care Act at the White House in Washington

It was exactly as I predicted: the president is undermining our allies and abetting our enemies

Assad: Nobel Peace Prize 'should have been mine'

Daily Caller News Foundation | Brendan Bordelon
Syria's President Bashar al-Assad speaks during an interview with Turkey's Halk TV in Damascus
So funny, we could just die

Russia resets the Middle East

Opinion | John Wohlstetter
UN High Hopes Analysis.JPEG

Barack Obama is taking America to its lowest level of influence since Woodrow Wilson.

Poll: Majority of Americans say Obama foreign policy 'same or worse' than Bush's

World | Robby Soave
United States Syria AP Poll.JPEG

People don’t buy case for war with Syria

Read why Boehner is 'skeptical' of a deal with Syria

World | Alexis Levinson

House speaker smells something fishy

Kerry promises 'unbelievably small' strike on Syria

Politics | Neil Munro

Itsy, bitsy, teeny, weeny strike against Assad’s regimey

Lawmakers propose alternative to bombing Syria

Politics | Alex Pappas
Assad government would have 45 days to sign an international chemical weapons ban