bashar al assad

Leaked UN Drafts Show Gruesome Details Of Syrian Chemical Attacks

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'Signs of foaming at the mouth and nose, blue skin'

Syria's Bashar al-Assad Planning To Visit Kim Jong Un, North Korean State Media Reveals

World | Ryan Pickrell
Everybody wants a piece of the action these days

Assad Vows To Reclaim Syrian Territory Held By US-Backed Forces

Defense | Will Racke
'People will not accept foreigners in this region'

ISIS Militants Leave Damascus Under Evacuation Deal As Assad Takes Full Control Of Capital

World | Will Racke
'Buses entered after midnight'

Mysterious Missile Attack On Syrian Bases So Powerful It Registered As An Earthquake

World | Ryan Pickrell
Killed a bunch of Iranians fighting for Assad

Iraq Strikes ISIS Fighters Inside Syria After Coordinating With Assad

Defense | Will Racke
Mutual interest

The US And Allies Put On A Good Show In Syria, But Did They Launch $100 Million Worth Of Missiles For Nothing?

Defense | Will Racke
'Nothing is certain'

Pope Criticizes International Response To Syria, Calls For Negotiations

World | Joshua Gill
'Deeply disturbed'

Trudeau Supports Combined Missile Strikes Against Syria

World | David Krayden
‘Canada supports the decision by the United States, the United Kingdom, and degrade the Assad regime’s ability to launch chemical weapons attacks...’

Here Is How The Devastating Strike On Syria Went Down

Defense | Ryan Pickrell
'Precise, overwhelming, and effective'

Russia Says Syrian Forces Have Total Control Of Former Rebel Stronghold

Defense | Will Racke
Russian troops in eastern Ghouta

Chemical Weapons Warfare Has Plagued Syria For Years

World | Ryan Pickrell
A horrific history of chemical weapons use in Syria

Lindsey Graham Gets Real After Assad Bombing: 'We Have The Ability To Destroy His Air Force'

Politics | Nick Givas
'Send a strong signal that there is a new sheriff in town and America is back'

At Least 40 Killed In Suspected Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria

Defense | Will Racke
'Emission of chlorine-like odor'

'Big Price To Pay,' Trump Coming Straight For Syria

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We will not rest'

Sebastian Gorka Sizes Up Trump On Syria: He's 'Not An Interventionist'

Politics | Nick Givas
'The only objective that the president has had since the beginning ... is to stop the mass blood shed'

Syria Surprise: Now Assad's Troops Are Helping US-Backed Kurds Fight Off Turkey

Defense | Will Racke
'No one can stop the Turkish army'

Latest Clash Between US Coalition And Pro-Regime Forces Points To New Risks In Syria

Defense | Will Racke
Tested on multiple fronts

US 'Gravely Concerned' As Syrian Forces Reportedly Attack Rebel Area With Chlorine Gas

Defense | Will Racke
'Brutal attacks'

Mattis Keeps Military Strike On The Table If US Confirms Assad Used Sarin Gas Again

Defense | Will Racke
'You all have seen how we reacted to that'

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