Boycotting Israel For Dummies

Opinion | Paul Miller
A billboard advertisement for Israeli app Blindspot, which allows people to send text messages anonymously, is seen in Tel Aviv

An Israel-free lifestyle is available on a smartphone or computer you can’t use

Coca-Cola Executive Supports Boycott Of Israel And Sanctions Against The Jewish State

Opinion | Ronn Torossian
Cases of Coca-Cola are shown for sale in Encinitas, California

No Coca-Cola executive anywhere in the world has called for a boycott of any other nation

New Israel Fund Critics See BDS Lawsuits Coming In Wake Of Israeli Supreme Court Ruling

Opinion | Edwin Black
Israel boycott. Creative Commons/Mohamed Ouda

A new ruling could open the door to sue BDS proponents.

Los Angeles Conference To Confront BDS Financing And Tactics

Opinion | Edwin Black
Images depicting captives of the terror group Hamas were posted all over the UCLA campus early Sunday.

A single threat of hate connects mid-20th Century Arab boycotts and those of today.

Over 300 Scholars Of Middle East Seek Boycott Of Israeli Schools

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

‘World governments and mainstream media do not hold Israel accountable’

Activist Exposes Brandeis University Anti-Israel Faculty Listserv

Opinion | Chloé Valdary
Brandeis University / Wikimedia commons

Is it any wonder they revoked the award from Ayaan Hirsi Ali?

Hating Israel: BDS Stands For 'Bigoted Double Standards'

Opinion | David Cohen
Israel boycott. Creative Commons/Mohamed Ouda

The anti-Israel crusade is an anti-Jewish crusade.