Senators Stand Up For Canned Beer In Looming Aluminum Trade War

US | Thomas Phippen
Close up of beer cans (Photo: Shutterstock/Peter Gudella)

‘Our prices will go up’

NO MORE FUN OF ANY KIND: Louisiana Democrat Vows To Ban 'Official' University Beers

Education | Eric Owens
beer Shutterstock/pogonici

‘Deep in my heart, I just know it’s wrong for us as a state’

4 Beers To Drink On National Beer Day

Business | Robert Donachie
File photo of a visitor reaching for of the one of the first mugs of beer after the tapping of the first barrel during the opening ceremony for the 180th Munich Oktoberfest

Drink up!

Do You Have A Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener?

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Wall openers are over half off (Photo via Amazon)

You should

Socialist Venezuela Sucks So Bad It Has Run Out Of BEER

World | Eric Owens
Reuters, YouTube screenshot/Nightsearch

Radical leftist president blames businessmen for this ‘serious crime’

Bar Offers Free Beer For Fans Of Win-less Team

Sports | Neal Earley

‘We hate to see the place like this’

'Holy S**t That's Good!' The Daily Caller Goes To A Beer Festival

Entertainment | Bedford

If it’s too early for you to drink, watch us

Raising A Glass To The Great American Beer Aisle

Opinion | Rebecca Spicer
Happy Hour Beer

What other product has so much selection, sitting next to competing products?

Post Saint Patrick's Day Beer Review: Green Flash's Hop Head Red

Opinion | Robert Pursell
Hop Head Red Beer

A four pack of Hop Head pints will run you about ten bucks, but it’s well worth the price.

Cops Say Iowa Kindergarten Teacher Was Crushing Beers IN CLASS

Education | Eric Owens
KCCI screenshot, Getty Images

Brand of brew remains a closely-held police secret

Obama Wrongly Claims George Washington Lived In The White House

Politics | Heather Hunter

Washington didn’t live in White House.

The Great Beer Amid Cincy

Sports | Scott Cook

$1 beer night a huge win with fans

Raising A Glass To The 21st Amendment

Opinion | Craig Purser

According to the Nielsen Company, there is more choice in alcohol than any other consumer good.

Across America, Every State's A Beer State

Opinion | Jim McGreevy
Barack Obama Drinking Beer

In 2012, the industry put more than 2 million Americans to work.

Politicians Eager To Subsidize Craft Brewers

Business | Peter Fricke

Government on tap, brewing some subsidies

The West Bank's Only Christian Village Is Also Its Only Beer Producer

Video | Tristyn Bloom

‘This is how we believe the state of Palestine can be built’

Bar Sues Florida For Restricting Beer Sales

Business | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘The Florida legislature needs to update our alcohol laws’

Celebrate Oktoberfest With Hot Women And Beer

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t