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Texas Brewery Now Sells 99-Pack Of Beer And It's Glorious

Are you feeling tipsy yet?

Your Dreams Have Come True: Beer 'Keurig' Machine Created

Because beer is way better than coffee

Do Not Mix: Beer, Beards and Baptists

Do Not Mix: Beer, Beards and Baptists [VIDEO]

‘I was told that it was not representative of a Christian environment’

Florida Senator Says She's Being 'A Parent' To Craft Beer Breweries

File photo of visitors toasting with their one-liter beer mugs during the opening day of the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival

‘It’s cronyism at its absolute worst’

Man Runs One Mile, Chugs 4 Beers In Under 5 Minutes

He is a hero

Sam Adams releases funny April Fools commercial

Everyone get ready for new HeliYUM beer

TOP 10: Best ways to get drunk on St. Patrick's Day [SLIDESHOW]

Other than Guinness, there are plenty of other ways to achieve the perfect state of drunken Irish bliss March 17

Hockey fans sue over beer size

Alaska Aces vs. Idaho Steelheads game (Photo: Katherine Jones/ Getty Images)

Don’t think you can scam hockey fans when it comes to beer and get away with it

Daily Caller Patriot: Woman has an amazing way to crush beer cans

woman crushing beer cans with boobs

Is your sister this cool?

Brews on ice: Obama and Canadian Prime Minister bet beers on hockey game

Obama gives a thumbs-up as he celebrates St. Patrick's Day with a pint of Guinness during a stop at the Dubliner Irish pub in Washington

The bet is a repeat of the same one made four years ago

Time to go home everybody. Canada just won the Olympics with this incredible beer fridge

canadian beer fridge

C’mon America… pick up your game

WHOA: This man fought off a shark, stitched up his own wounds and dashed off to the bar

Doctor fights off shark, stitches himself, celebrates with a beer (Flickr/steve.garner32)

‘I had a knife in my hand so I gave it a good few jabs’

Cities use booze and hot sauce to make case for hosting 2016 GOP convention

Republican Convention

Las Vegas and New Orleans want the convention

How to open a beer bottle using a shotgun

In case you are ever without a bottle opener, but happen to be packing

Of course Amsterdam pays street-cleaning alcoholics with BEER

Amsterdam. Photo: Getty Images/Yadid Levy

‘They drink less, they eat better and they have something to keep them busy’

Finally! High schools students learn to brew beer

Photo: Flickr/Eli Duke, YouTube screenshot/SiliconCheef

A handy ‘how-to guide’ for the production of alcohol

This beer has more alcoholic content than whiskey

It burns like petrol and comes with a warning label on the bottle

Heroic man rescues beer from burning building


The hero in all of us emerges when the things we love are in danger

This magical device will end warm beer forever

There is a God, and its name is V-Tex

Beer drinkers victimized by shutdown

Beer Powered Beer.JPEG

‘We are really serious about our beers here in Oregon. It’s a crisis.’