Raising A Glass To The Great American Beer Aisle

Opinion | Rebecca Spicer
Happy Hour Beer

What other product has so much selection, sitting next to competing products?

Post Saint Patrick's Day Beer Review: Green Flash's Hop Head Red

Opinion | Robert Pursell
Hop Head Red Beer

A four pack of Hop Head pints will run you about ten bucks, but it’s well worth the price.

Cops Say Iowa Kindergarten Teacher Was Crushing Beers IN CLASS

Education | Eric Owens
KCCI screenshot, Getty Images

Brand of brew remains a closely-held police secret

Obama Wrongly Claims George Washington Lived In The White House

Politics | Heather Smith

Washington didn’t live in White House.

The Great Beer Amid Cincy

Sports | Scott Cook
Photo: Twitter/@darrenrovell

$1 beer night a huge win with fans

Raising A Glass To The 21st Amendment

Opinion | Craig Purser

According to the Nielsen Company, there is more choice in alcohol than any other consumer good.

Across America, Every State's A Beer State

Opinion | Jim McGreevy
Barack Obama Drinking Beer

In 2012, the industry put more than 2 million Americans to work.

Politicians Eager To Subsidize Craft Brewers

Business | Peter Fricke

Government on tap, brewing some subsidies

The West Bank's Only Christian Village Is Also Its Only Beer Producer

Video | Tristyn Bloom

‘This is how we believe the state of Palestine can be built’

Bar Sues Florida For Restricting Beer Sales

Business | Rachel Stoltzfoos

‘The Florida legislature needs to update our alcohol laws’

Celebrate Oktoberfest With Hot Women And Beer

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

It just wouldn’t be right if you didn’t

Texas Brewery Now Sells 99-Pack Of Beer And It's Glorious

Entertainment | Kaitlan Collins

Are you feeling tipsy yet?

Your Dreams Have Come True: Beer 'Keurig' Machine Created

Tech | Julia Dent

Because beer is way better than coffee

Do Not Mix: Beer, Beards and Baptists

Education | Katie Frates
Do Not Mix: Beer, Beards and Baptists [VIDEO]

‘I was told that it was not representative of a Christian environment’

Florida Senator Says She's Being 'A Parent' To Craft Beer Breweries

Daily Caller News Foundation | Chuck Ross
File photo of visitors toasting with their one-liter beer mugs during the opening day of the Munich Oktoberfest beer festival

‘It’s cronyism at its absolute worst’

Sam Adams releases funny April Fools commercial

Video | Sarah Hofmann

Everyone get ready for new HeliYUM beer

TOP 10: Best ways to get drunk on St. Patrick's Day [SLIDESHOW]

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Other than Guinness, there are plenty of other ways to achieve the perfect state of drunken Irish bliss March 17

Hockey fans sue over beer size

Sports | Sam Scorzo
Alaska Aces vs. Idaho Steelheads game (Photo: Katherine Jones/ Getty Images)

Don’t think you can scam hockey fans when it comes to beer and get away with it

Daily Caller Patriot: Woman has an amazing way to crush beer cans

Entertainment | Sarah Hofmann
woman crushing beer cans with boobs

Is your sister this cool?