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Did Sharyl Attkisson get too close to the truth?

Jeff Fager, Scott Pelley and David Rhodes speak at the CBS Television Network's 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour in Beverly Hills

Famed reporter alleges MSM bias

Military family protesters tell Hillary Clinton she is not welcome in San Diego


‘She frankly is not welcome here in San Diego by many of us’

Top CIA officer contradicts New York Times report on Benghazi

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

House Intelligence Committee chairman Mike Rogers wants retraction

Defiant deputy CIA director: 'No politics' in blaming Benghazi on YouTube video

Bachmann: White House 'didn't have to change talking points because you made the changes for them'

Republicans to grill CIA official on Benghazi

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Former CIA Deputy Director Michael Morell to testify on talking points

Krauthammer: Mike Rogers' retirement 'dismaying if you believe in Congress'

‘An odd and puzzling move’

The administration's ongoing BS (Benghazi Spin)

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

How far is the media willing to go to shield the Obama administration from fallout?

Trey Gowdy has some suggestions for why Susan Rice should regret Benghazi comments

‘I can certainly help her if she’s struggling to come up with an area of regret’

'I'm almost speechless': McCain laughs at Susan Rice's 'embarrassing' Benghazi denial

'Totally misleading, totally false'

'PATENTLY FALSE': Susan Rice claims Obama administration did not mislead voters, no regrets over Benghazi talking points

Blames intelligence community for mix-up

Navy releases map showing location of fleet positions during Benghazi attacks

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 11.22.28 AM

Could military have responded?

Congressional report faults White House over Benghazi security


‘Failed to comprehend or ignored the dramatically deteriorating security situation’

Father of SEAL slain in Benghazi offers tribute for his son who was left behind

‘He loved America, and he was willing to give his life for America’

George Will: Obama's 'rhetorical cotton candy' obscures the truth on Benghazi

‘He’s simply continuing a successful stonewall’

CNN anchor shamelessly, excessively apologizes for video casting Hillary in bad light

‘That is OUR mistake’

Romney breaks silence on Candy Crowley's 2012 debate interference

‘She obviously thought it was her job’

What Hillary regrets about her time as secretary of state might completely surprise you

‘You make these choices based on imperfect information’

Father of Benghazi victim to attend State of the Union as GOP guest

Benghazi. Photo: AFP/Getty Images

‘I am honored to host the father of a true hero’

Should Benghazi be an issue for Hillary in 2016?

Aide defends Hillary after a damaging Senate report