5 Moneyed Greens Who Profit Off Global Warming

Daily Caller News Foundation | Andrew Follett
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Global warming activists raise and spend far more money than their opponents

Warren Buffett's Utility Has A Plan To Make Nevada Pay More For Power

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett yells "Go big red!", the Nebraska Cornhuskers chant, prior to the Berkshire annual meeting in Omaha

‘It’s what Buffett needs for its shareholders, essentially a guaranteed rate of return’

Warren Buffett Makes Berkshire Hathaway's Biggest Bet With $37.2 Billion Takeover

Business | Guy Bentley
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett yells "Go big red!", the Nebraska Cornhuskers chant, prior to the Berkshire annual meeting in Omaha

‘All deals seem expensive to me, but this one doesn’t. We’re certainly paying a very good price’

Why Won't The Obama Administration Talk About Warren Buffett's Tim Hortons Corporate Inversion?

Opinion | Hughey Newsome
Berkshire Hathaway CEO Buffett reacts at the trade show during the company's annual meeting in Omaha

The investor dodges taxes while supporting higher rates here.

Warren Buffett Bucks Obama In Burger King Deal

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Goes against Democratic grain

Fired Black Employee Sues Paint Company Over 'Racist' Paint Names

US | Chuck Ross
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‘The plaintiff found this extremely racially offensive’

Some Elephant Hunting Tips For Warren Buffett

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Buffett, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, poses for a portrait in New York

‘The Oracle of Omaha has suggested he will hunt for his next “elephant”‘

Warren Buffett: I Build Wind Turbines To Lower My Corporate Taxes

Business | Michael Bastasch
Buffett, co-chair of the 10,000 Small Businesses Advisory Council, takes part in a panel discussion in Detroit, Michigan

‘I will do anything that is basically covered by the law to reduce Berkshire’s tax rate’

10 things you need to know before the opening bell - BI

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Buffett Successor.JPEG

Warren Buffet announced that Berkshire Hathaway has lined up a successor to lead the company

Buffett's firm reports 30 pct drop in 4Q earnings - AP

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Berkshire Investments.JPEG

The paper value of its derivative contracts fell

Buffett wants son to chair Berkshire - CBS

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Berkshire Investments.JPEG

Berkshire Hathaway’s founder Warren Buffett says his son Howard, a farmer with no college degree, would make a good successor

Buffett gets boost in $2 billion solar buy - NYPOST

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Berkshire Hathaway Newspapers.JPEG

Will qualify for a federal incentive, and sell power under a contract completed before prices fell 44 percent

Buffett's Berkshire buying Omaha newspaper company - AP

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Berkshire Hathaway Newspapers.JPEG

Berkshire said that it had agreed to buy Buffett’s hometown newspaper

Berkshire Hathaway stock dips below $100,000 - AP

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Berkshire Burlington Northern

Buffett’s investment partnership first bought Berkshire stock in 1962, the shares sold for $7 and $8 apiece

Bank of America sells half of its China bank stake - AP

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Bank of America

The nation’s largest bank by assets said Monday it will sell 13.1 billion shares in the Chinese bank for $8.3 billion to a group of investors it declined to name

Buffett to host Obama fundraiser in New York - Bloomberg

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Billionaire Warren Buffett plans to hold a Sept. 30 fundraiser in New York City to benefit President Barack Obama’s re-election bid, according to two Democratic officials not authorized to speak publicly about the event

BofA says Berkshire will invest $5 billion - Bloomberg

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Bank Of America

Bank of America Corp. (BAC), the biggest U.S. lender, said Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. will invest $5 billion to bolster the company after losses tied to subprime mortgages drained capital. Bank of America surged in New York trading

Why Buffett’s plan to tax the rich won’t fix the debt - Time.com

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Warren Buffett Taxes

In the op-ed, Buffett calls for higher taxes from the rich, to ostensibly bridge the massive U.S. debt gap, which stands at $14.3 trillion this month

Berkshire profits fall 58 percent on catastrophe costs - Bloomberg

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Berkshire is third-biggest by policy sales among reinsurers, companies that provide backup coverage to primary carriers

7% unemployment by 2012? - Reuters

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Buffett sees uneven recovery, craves big deals