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Which Piece Of Personal Data Is BuzzFeed Stealing From You?

Buzzfeed employees work at the company's headquarters in New York

‘Every click was being recorded’

Facebook Amps Up Ad Targeting By Gathering Even More User Data

Volunteer Aymara speakers from the online community "Jaqi Aru" gather to translate Facebook in El Alto

‘Why don’t individuals in the United States already have access to this kind of information about themselves?’

White House Releases Report On 'Big Data' And It's Effects On Privacy

U.S. President Barack Obama passes a sign after speaking about minimum wage at the White House in Washington

Big Data has the potential to ‘alter the balance of power between government and citizen’

GoDaddy CEO: Government stealing data without a warrant is 'bulls**t'

Blake Irving GoDaddy

‘I don’t want governments accessing our internal systems including customer information. Period full stop’

Creepy promo for new video game turns your Facebook profile against you

WatchDogs preview

Exposes scary amount of real user data

The USPS wants to mine and sell data gathered from your mail

United States Postal Service clerks sort mail at the USPS Lincoln Park carriers annex in Chicago

‘It behooves us to get involved and actually send them information to close the deal’

White House teams up with MIT on 'big data' project

U.S. Treasury Secretary Geithner shares a laugh with Podesta and Holtz-Eakin at the Center for American Progress in Washington

‘Collecting, analyzing, and using such data’

Report: Facebook may begin collecting user mouse movements

File photo of Mark Zuckerberg during a Facebook press event to introduce 'Home' a Facebook app suite that integrates with Android in Menlo Park

Facebook may soon begin tracking its users’ mouse movements.

GE partners with AT&T, Cisco, Intel for 'Industrial Internet'

Earns General Electric.JPEG

The service helps customers analyze industrial ‘big data’- data so large that it is difficult to process using traditional database and software.

What do They know about you? An interview with NSA analyst William Binney

William Binney. William Binney

NSA whistleblower talks about data collection, targeting political opponents, and the failure of oversight

Why 'Minority Report' may soon become a reality - TheDC


Multinational defense contractor Raytheon has built a system that mines social networks to predict behavior

The technology future of the conservative movement


How President Obama’s mathematicians, big data and highly targeted digital advertising overwhelm the static data approach of the Right.

Big Data's Big Moment

TEC Google Data Center Tours

We should take a step back and realize that Nate Silver’s prediction isn’t an anomaly.

Romney digital director pushes back against critics of data and IT failure - TheDC

Mitt Romney iPad

‘I can’t just sit by and let people say that Republicans gave up on data’

Restaurants are using data to improve server sales stats - Wired

Film Review -Moneyball

Welcome to the data-driven, number-crunching future of restauranteering.

Privacy technology rises to take on Big Data - CSM


So far, voluntary moves by players such as Facebook and Google to address privacy concerns…lack teeth, say critics.