bill and melinda gates foundation

Gates Foundation Pushes Back On Report Saying $215 Million Education Investment Was A Flop

Education | Rob Shimshock
'We found very few instances of improvement'

Taxpayers' Money Going To Islamist Charity Group With Ties To Anti-Semitic Terrorists, Says Report

US | Eric Lieberman
Al-Qaida, Hamas, etc.

Bill Gates' Millions Toward Education Reform Fell Very Flat

Education | Dominic Mancini

IMPORTANT: We Can Eliminate Most Chronic Disease By Making Some Pretty Easy Lifestyle Choices

op-ed | Rich Millar
The failure to promote healthy habits is one of the travesties of our time

Major US Foundations Gave MILLIONS To Islamic Groups With Ties To Terror

Politics | Peter Hasson
Follow the money...

Bill Gates Drops $1.7 Billion To Reform Public Schools

Education | Rob Shimshock
His faith in public schools seems to have shifted

Warren Buffett Gives More Than $3 Billion To Various Charities

Business | George Congdon
Much of it to the Gates Foundation

Bill Gates: Advanced Terrorism Could Exterminate 30 Million People In Less Than A Year

US | Eric Lieberman
'The next epidemic could originate on the computer screen of a terrorist'

Bill Gates Is Donating $140 Million Toward HIV Prevention

Business | Robert Donachie
'Around 36.7 million are living with the AIDS worldwide'

Billionaire Bill Gates Issues Latest Instructions To World's Poor People: RAISE CHICKENS

World | Eric Owens
'I am excited about chickens'

Gates Foundation Admits Bungling Common Core, Vows To 'Double Down'

Education | Blake Neff
CEO blames lack of outreach to parents for early difficulties

Melinda Gates Takes Credit For Dads Taking Kids To School

Education | Eric Owens
Melinda Gates also said she has learned a lot by jetting around the world to look at poor people

Bill Gates: The World Needs 'A Miracle' To Solve Man-Made Global Warming

Energy | Chris White
'If an energy miracle comes in the next 15 years, key participants will be the teenagers of today'

Bill Gates Rues How Hard It's Been To Impose Common Core On America

Education | Eric Owens
Dealing with real human beings may prove impossible challenge for billionaire

'Conservative' Educational Expert Spins Republican Landslide In Favor Of Common Core

Opinion | Karen Schroeder
Even parents at private and parochial schools are rejecting the standards.

Gates-Backed Study: Public Turning On Common Core

Education | Blake Neff
Superintendents describe widespread local opposition to the standards

Bill Gates Wants Catholic School Kids To Endure Common Core, BUT NOT HIS

Education | Eric Owens
'Strident attacks coming from parts of the Catholic community'

SHUT UP, VOTERS! Irate Education Bureaucrats Attack Elected Lawmakers Over Common Core Exodus

Education | Eric Owens
'They don't have the technical capacity'

Fishy Polls On Common Core

Opinion | Robert Holland
The public likes it less the more they find out about it.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Microsoft Set To Make A Killing Off Common Core

Education | Eric Owens
Is Bill Gates looking to recoup the $200 million he has spent hawking the standards?

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