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This Story Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

You’ve probably never heard it

George W. Bush Takes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Bill Clinton

The challenge has taken quite the presidential turn

Ten Birthday Presents Bill Clinton's NOT Allowed To Have

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Hint: Most of them are bikini clad)

McAuliffe And The Clintons: Ties That Bind

Virginia Gov McAuliffe attends National Governors Association meeting in Washington

The Macker and Hillary are as close as ever, and she’ll need him come 2016.

The Morass Of Impeachment

President Barack Obama

‘If you have had enough of Obama, drop the impeachment talk and get out and vote.’

Bill Clinton On 9/10/01: 'I Could Have Killed' Bin Laden

Former pres admits he chose to spare the terrorist’s life on newly released recordings

Does Hillary Have Her Own Energizer? Is She Lesbian? 'The View' Speculates

‘Maybe Bill has his girlfriends and she has her girlfriends’

He's Back: How Did Akin Become Akin?

African Research Subcommittee hearing Biotechon "P

Behind the man behind ‘legitimate rape.’

Source: After Disastrous Launch Of 'Hard Choices' Hillary To Write New Book

Clinton reacts to a question as she discusses her new book "Hard Choices" at George Washington University in Washington

‘Bill blames himself for not getting involved in the way the book was put together by a committee and how it was publicized.’

Which Presidential Horndog Puts Clinton To Shame?

‘Pillowy breasts,’ a ‘garden’ that ‘grows love seashell pink’ and so much more

Hillary's Book Loses #1 Spot On NYT Bestseller's List To A Book Slamming Her

U.S. Secretary of State of nominee Hillary Clinton meets with Senator Lugar in Washington

Ed Klein’s book jumps ahead!

Monica Lewinsky Talks Virginity In First TV Interview In Years

Monica Lewinsky

‘That was one of the worst days of my life’

Hillary Slams Bill's Law: Hobby Lobby Decision 'Deeply Disturbing'

Clinton reacts to a question as she discusses her new book "Hard Choices" at George Washington University in Washington

No more ‘legitimate’ religious freedom issues, apparently

Hillary: More Myth Than Reality

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answers questions during an interview with Baier and Van Susteren at the FOX News Channel studio in Washington

The problem isn’t that she’s unaccomplished, it’s that she’s done little with her titles.

Totally 'In Touch' Bill Clinton Laughs About Buying 14 Fancy Swiss Watches

‘I just give ‘em away’

Bill And Hillary Still Touch

Bill comes out swinging

Bill And Hillary Still In Touch

Former President Bill Clinton gives a keynote address at a conference on "inclusive capitalism" in London

Clinton defends his wife’s comments on their family’s finances

'Clinton: The Musical' To Premiere In NYC

Former President Bill Clinton and wife Hillary at De Blasio's inauguration in City Hall, New York

Doesn’t a Clinton soap opera seem more appropriate?